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New law helps cities recoup costs of cleaning up when vandals caught

Local officials are welcoming a new law that will allow Arizona cities and towns to recoup cleanup costs from vandals. The measure allows officials to add the cost of material and labor required for graffiti abatement to fines assessed in cases of criminal damage. ... Read more»

Trading spray paint for paint brushes

"Inside the Overpass," a mural at the intersection of 29th Street and Columbus Boulevard will be unveiled Wednesday. It is the result of two years of youth-driven work from the Boys & Girls Club.... Read more»

5 ordered to pay $43,240 for damaging archeological site

Five people from Sahuarita were ordered to pay a combined $43,240 for damaging an archeological site with spray-painted graffiti, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Wednesday.... Read more»

Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Anarchist art critic

I do so love a set of rules designed to enforce chaos and disorder.... Read more»4

Public safety

Shoes on wire: Urban legend or nuisance?

We've all seen shoes dangling from over power lines and wondered what, if anything, they signify. But Long Beach doesn't care, it just wants them gone.... Read more»2