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A new Arizona bill would tie high school graduation to studying 'the evils of communism'

Arizona high school students wouldn’t be able to graduate unless they are taught how communism and totalitarianism conflict with the American “principles of freedom and democracy” under a proposal backed by Republicans Tuesday. ... Read more»

Celebrations scrapped, flights canceled and tears shed: College graduation in the era of COVID-19

Commencement is just one of the watershed events upended by COVID-19, prompting colleges and universities across the nation to cancel or postpone ceremonies or create a virtual alternative.... Read more»

The graduation rates from every school district* in one map

Until now, if you wanted to know how a school district’s high school graduation rate fared against other states or regions, you’d have to rely on state averages from the federal government. We decided that’s not good enough.... Read more»1

Arizona’s ‘dropout factories’ decline, but graduation rates still lag

Arizona posted one of the country’s sharpest declines in so-called “dropout factories” in the last decade, but was still slightly below the national average for high school graduation rates in 2011, according to a recent report.... Read more»

TUSD to graduate 3,000 Wednesday

More than 3,000 students will graduate from TUSD on Wednesday. Here is the schedule of commencement ceremonies.... Read more»

Pima Community College

PCC to graduate record number of students

Pima Community College is set to graduate the largest class in the school's history Thursday at Tucson Convention Center Arena, with 3,624 students.... Read more»

Santorum exaggerates dropout rate

Rick Santorum incorrectly claimed that "one of three children drop out of school" in the United States. The 2009 dropout rate was 8.1 percent — slightly higher than it was in 2008, but down significantly from previous years.... Read more»

Az graduation rates rise, still trail national average

Arizona high school graduation rates rose sharply over a 10-year period, but state students still lag behind the national average, according to a new report.... Read more»

Arizona graduation rate dropping as others jump ahead

Arizona's high school graduation rate not only lags much of the rest of the nation, but is actually falling as other states are seeing more students awarded diplomas, a new report says. "We understand very clearly that's one of the crises that TUSD is struggling with," said incoming superintendent John Pedicone.... Read more»

Efforts hope to raise Hispanics' 50% college graduation rate

As Saturday's graduation approaches at UA, about half the university's Hispanic students won't make it to their degrees: that's nearly 10 percent lower than white students.... Read more»

University of Arizona

ABC's Woodruff to speak at UA commencement

Bob Woodruff, the ABC reporter who was injured in a 2006 roadside bombing in Iraq, will speak at the University of Arizona undergraduate commencement May 15.... Read more»


Diploma proposal would help high schoolers get college credit

A state lawmaker is proposing a new diploma that would allow high school students to attend community colleges or technical schools as early as sophomore year.... Read more»