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English learners in college: From marginalized to invisible

From kindergarten through 12th grade, students learning English are entitled to the resources to get them the same education as English-proficient peers, but what they receive varies drastically depending on where they live - and the path to college is largely uncharted and unregulated.... Read more»

​Why white students are 250% more likely to graduate than Black students at public universities

Financial pressure, spending excessive time in remedial classes, and feelings of exclusion or isolation are among the reasons white students at public colleges are two and a half times more likely to graduate than Black students, and 60 percent more likely to graduate than Latinos.... Read more»

Az high school grad-rate increase among best in nation

Arizona high schools have increased their graduation rate by 24 percentage points in the last decade, the biggest increase in the country, according to a national report released Friday.... Read more»

Az's college teams make the grade off-court

While their on-court performance hasn’t measured up, Arizona's college teams have posted small off-court gains in academic ratings in recent years.... Read more»