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Google uses persistent identifiers to track individuals' behavior over as much as 80% of the internet to create profiles that are used to provide targeted ads.

Google must face a purported class-action lawsuit by children who claimed they were tracked and profiled for targeted ads without their parents' consent while watching YouTube videos, reversing a previous decision brought under various state laws. Read more»

Under the settlement, Google and Arizona agree the deal does not amount to admissions of wrongdoing or violations of the law on Google's part.

One of the largest consumer fraud lawsuits in Arizona history - begun after it was revealed how Google deceived internet users about data collection practices and use of location data - came to an end Tuesday with Google settling with the state AG for a historic $85 million. Read more»

Google has a history of failing to properly identify and block weapons ads.

For roughly two decades, Google has boasted that it doesn’t accept gun ads - but an analysis shows millions of ads from the some of the nation’s largest firearms makers flowed through Google’s ad systems and onto websites and apps. Read more»

A bill that sought to slash the profits Apple and Google make from their app stores was rejected by Arizona legislators Wednesday, the second year in a row the Big Tech firms have kept such legislation from advancing. Read more»

The lawsuit cites a 2018 report by the Associated Press that showed how Google tracks user location data even when users have turned off their location sharing settings.

Attorneys general for three other states and the District of Columbia filed lawsuits Monday against Google, alleging that the ubiquitous internet titan collected valuable data about its users' locations through deception - similar to the lawsuit filed by Arizona in 2020. Read more»

While the move will likely be cheered by those eager to get to the bottom of how social media facilitated the events of Jan. 6, privacy advocates will oppose the effort of the government to snoop on the communications of private individuals.

The congressional committee charged with investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol subpoenaed four large Silicon Valley social media companies Thursday, saying the companies had failed to furnish requested items vital to the investigation. Read more»

During the discovery process, the state has had 30 hours of witness depositions and over 200,000 pages of documents have been produced.

An Arizona judge says that the state has collected more than enough material from tech giant Google and it’s time to move onto a trial over the company’s privacy policy - the result of an investigation by the Arizona attorney general that has been going on since at least 2018. Read more»

Bannon’s 'War Room' podcast draws a massive audience, with more than 100 million total downloads across more than 1,000 episodes, available on platforms including Apple’s.

Almost a year ago, Google took a major step to ensure that its online ad network didn’t put money in the pocket of Steve Bannon, the indicted former adviser to Donald Trump - but Bannon found a loophole in Google’s policies that let him keep earning ad money on his site. Read more»

In a major blow to Apple’s business model, a federal judge ruled Friday that the technology giant can no longer stop app developers from telling users how to sidestep its App Store and pay developers directly for subscriptions and other services. Read more»

Apple took the lead in Arizona to kill the bill, though one email from Google reminded lawmakers that the company is a major economic driver in the state.

Apple and Google hired a bevy of lobbyists in Arizona in early 2021 to kill legislation that would have slashed the profits the companies make through their app stores. Read more»

It’s been difficult for some residents to get in-person appointments with the state’s motor vehicles department, so scams have played into that backdrop.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, many states issued emergency declarations allowing driver’s licenses to remain valid past expiration dates, but those extensions mostly have ended and scammers are exploiting the need to make sure licenses are renewed. Read more»

Brnovich touted his record suing the Arizona Board of Regents over tuition rates, taking on tech giants like Facebook and Google, fighting the Biden administration over border security, and defending election laws.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is running for U.S. Senate, joining a growing field that already includes that already includes Jim Lamon and Michael “Mick” McGuire, in what could be a contentious fight for the Republican nomination to take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly next year. Read more»

Google privacy issues have drawn international attention, with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and European Union conducting investigations and issuing fine for violations.

An Arizona judge rejected a request from Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for a partial judgment in an ongoing consumer fraud lawsuit against Google, ruling that the state did not have sufficient evidence and the case should move forward with jurors. Read more»

Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Mark Kelly last week spent nearly 800% more on digital ads than Sen. Martha McSally, pumping nearly $1.2 million into advertising on Facebook and Google — more than half of which went to Facebook ads raising money from outside Arizona. Read more»

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich claimed in a court filing that Google has violated Arizona's Consumer Fraud Act in the way it gathers location data, and he is asking the tech giant to pay millions of dollars in fines and restitution. Read more»

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