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Glenn Beck speaks about Israel on his Fox News show on May 16.

Glenn Beck could become mired in more controversy. Beck's Restoring Courage rally at the Southern Wall excavations site next Wednesday could spark a conflagration of violence in Jerusalem, Arab Knesset members and activists warned. Read more» 1

It's not a sales pitch heard too often, but farmers and ranchers here have a new, tax-deductible option for improving their businesses — and the company offering it promises to take a bullet for its client. It's a pitch that fits well with the mythic ethos of the West: If the government cannot protect its citizens, it’s up to the individual. Read more» 2

Here's a large statement with scanty evidence, yet one I believe nonetheless: 21st century media historians will record that the decline of Fox News Channel as a dominant force in right-wing politics began on May 16, 2011. Read more» 3

A Tea Party rally in 2009.

If the media is out to get the Tea Party, they are sure being kind about it. Read more»

Clashes between anti- and pro-Mubarak groups continued in Tahrir Square on Thursday, as Egyptian soldiers stood by in tanks.

You may have noticed conservatives are divided over the proper response to the Egyptian people’s demands for a democratic transformation of their nation. Read more»

One gun owner’s musings on better regulation: Most Americans believe we have the right to own a gun, and I'm one of them. But we do not have to use AK-47s. We don't need extended clips nor should we walk around with guns until we've shown we're capable of doing so without blowing our foot off. Read more»

The memorial of candles and photos at UMC on Monday night.

As I lit the candle I brought to the memorial at UMC, a trio to my left sang the most beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace I have ever heard. People stood alongside strangers in the night, crying, embracing, offering their blessings. In the face of this horrid tragedy, we used our flowers and candles and pictures and prayers to make something beautiful out of something so awful. Read more» 1

The seller of knockoffs of the t-shirts distributed at the Wednesday memorial service for the victims of Saturday's shooting rampage can't spell "Tucson." Replicas of the shirts are being sold for $22.90 on the auction site, which lists them as "'TOGETHER WE THRIVE' T-SHIRT (GABRIELLE GIFFORDS)TUSCON." Read more»

It’s annoying to have to write about Glenn Beck or even to pay any attention to him at all. If anyone truly believed the various things Glenn Beck claims to believe at any given moment, he would have to be either a schizophrenic, a lunatic, or both. Read more»

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at Columbia University in 2007.

With all the Election Day back-and-forth over what to do about sky-high unemployment—whether to cut deficits, increase them, or keep them about the same—David Broder of The Washington Post sought to break through the tired old arguments with a unique and little-discussed solution: war. Specifically, Broder wanted Obama to attack Iran. Read more»

President Obama may have to change his foreign policy goals in the wake of Tuesday's elections.

President Obama’s 2009 inauguration ushered in a new era that sought for America to re-engage with the world. But what happens to the spirit of Obama’s foreign policy if Republicans capture control of Congress? Read more»

It is no trick for a Europe-based reporter to define Tea Party foreign policy, after prowling both coasts and parts in between. There is none. The worldview of the conservative grassroots movement evokes that tea party Alice found down a rabbit hole. Read more» 1

Sam Fulwood III wonders what’s become of our country’s political dialogue when mock rallies threaten to draw more supporters than real ones. Read more» 1

Andrew Breitbart speaks in Pasadena, 2009.

Opinion: The notion that the nastiness and dishonesty that is coming from the left is comparable to that coming from Breitbart, Limbaugh, Beck, and the entire cast of characters at Fox News and on conservative talk radio would be laughable were it not mindlessly repeated Read more»