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Redistricting: Tribes fight for an equal voice

Native American tribes and organizations throughout the nation are working to ensure that Indigenous voices are heard as states go about drawing political maps that determine who will wield power for the next decade. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Arizona redistricting map still gives democracy a glimmer — with a supreme caveat

Arizona's proposed redistricting maps don't mean big shifts for the Legislature. The new lines being drawn up for coming elections don't particularly help the Democrats but they don't hinder the changes that are underway in our state. ... Read more»1

Texas voting law builds on long legacy of racism from GOP leaders

In 1981, GOP strategist Lee Atwater described how the party began to define itself as a white supremacist party in response to the civil rights movement - and for several decades, Republicans have depended on racism to keep white people in power and nonwhites on the outside. ... Read more»

Redistricting battles kick off in state courts

Many states face increased legal wrangling this redistricting cycle - so far, some 49 redistricting suits have been filed in state and federal courts in at least 22 states, and delayed census redistricting data has been the main reason cited in most lawsuits filed so far. ... Read more»


Kyrsten Sinema & Mark Kelly can stop GOP from disenfranchising voters. Will they?

Recent actions by many Republicans in the Arizona Legislature have shown that they are willing to do anything to ensure that certain votes will not count, but the For the People Act is a way we can counter this.... Read more»

Analysis: Arizona at low risk of gerrymandering in 2022

Arizona is just one of seven states that were deemed at “minimal risk” of winding up with a political map with clear partisan bias, according to a new analysis of possible gerrymandering ahead of the 2022 elections.... Read more»

Supreme Court to review Arizona voting laws overturned as discriminatory

The Supreme Court on Friday said it would hear Arizona’s defense of two election laws, on ballot-collecting and out-of-precinct voting, that were struck down by a lower court earlier this year as racially discriminatory.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

GOP challenge to Tucson elections goes South, again

It didn't take Nostradamus to foresee an 11-judge federal court panel upholding Tucson's hybrid election system and cashiering Tucson Republicans' hopes for a court fix to their political woes. When it comes to equal protection, all Tucson voters are equally privileged or equally screwed, the judges ruled.... Read more»