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Coronavirus: 'Our goal should be to crush the curve'

A doctor-scholar who studied the 1976 mishandling of swine flu says the president is wrongly choosing between saving lives and saving the economy.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Canceling Arizona presidential primary ignores, not solves, Republican Party's problems

Republicans didn't subvert democracy in canceling their presidential primary in Arizona. The GOP is curing its cancer by canceling its oncologist appointment. If no one tells them they're sick, they must be healthy, right?... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

Fiscal cliff: The continuing crisis

I have been hesitant to write about the so-called fiscal cliff, but it looks as if one of two things will happen: Either we're going off the cliff/curb/ramp, or President Obama will sell out the middle class safety net to get a deal. We don't have a debt crisis. We have an unemployment, opportunity and economic growth crisis, none of which will be addressed by the GOP austerity fetish or Obama's itchy trigger finger on "reforming entitlements."... Read more»1

Presidential election 2012: 5 more nail-biters

This presidential election is definitely down to the wire, but it isn't the first time America has seen a close call. ... Read more»


How the Nixon pardon strained a presidential friendship

In 1974, Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon shocked a country divided over Nixon's exit amid the ongoing Watergate scandal. It also tested a friendship of some 25 years — with Ford's press secretary Jerald terHorst, who resigned minutes before the pardon.... Read more»

Former first lady Betty Ford dies at 93

Betty Ford, the first lady whose openness about her personal battles with breast cancer, drugs and alcohol helped shatter U.S. social taboos on such issues, died Friday at the age of 93.... Read more»

Think again

'Craven News Network' - CNN airs Bachmann SOTU response

It’s no simple matter to sum up all that’s wrong with the “thinking” that characterizes contemporary news coverage. But if I had to pick a potent symbol of just how rudderless it is, I’d have to go with CNN’s decision to carry Rep. Michele Bachmann’s response to the State of the Union.... Read more»1