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Subidas de renta y un auge de gente incita la gentrificación de barrios antiguos en Tucson

Las rentas están augmento en todo Arizona, como en todo el país, pero Tucson, antes visto como tranquilo y barato, ha tenido un auge muy penoso - y con rentas subiendo, la gentrificación está empujando a la gente fuera de sus barrios que antes estaban económicos.... Read more»

Rent hikes, Downtown boom spur gentrification of older Tucson neighborhoods

Rents are going up all over Arizona, as they are across the country, but Tucson, once considered sleepy and affordable, has seen a particularly painful spike - and with rents rising, gentrification is pushing people out of neighborhoods that once were affordable.... Read more»

Every state in the U.S. grew more diverse, Census shows

Every state grew more diverse in the last decade, according to new Census data, with the largest increases in population growth came in the “some other race” category for most states, and the first time in American history that the white non-Hispanic population shrank.... Read more»


Can Biden’s plan to remove urban highways improve the health of American cities?

The $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework put forward by the Biden administration, which includes funding for a $1 billion “reconnecting communities” program, offers few details about ameliorating displacement, one of the many challenges faced by the new urban renewal movement.... Read more»