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Bill allowing teachers to be sued for 'usurping' parental rights clears Arizona Senate

A bill to allow parents to sue Arizona teachers for “usurping the fundamental right” of a parent in raising their children won approval from state Senate Republicans on Monday and is one vote away from Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk. ... Read more»

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Navajo Nation lawmaker seeks to legalize gay marriage, igniting new debate

A Navajo Nation lawmaker recently introduced legislation to recognize gay and lesbian marriages on the Navajo Nation, potentially legalizing same-sex marriage in one of the nation’s last, biggest holdouts.... Read more»

Arizona GOP lawmakers send Ducey bills banning gender surgery, girls’ sports for trans kids

Arizona Republicans pushed through legislative proposals that restrict transgender children’s access to girls sports and gender-affirming surgeries - sending both bills to Gov. Doug Ducey’s desk for his signature or veto.... Read more»

Shelved Arizona bill banning LGBTQ discrimination, conversion therapy sparks debate

Advocates for LGBTQ rights and defenders of religious freedom faced off during a hearing over an Arizona bill not up for vote this session proposing to ban discrimination and conversion therapy. ... Read more»

Arizona Senate approves bill requiring teachers to post curriculum online

Citing a need for academic transparency, Senate Republicans on Monday approved a bill that would require teachers to post all their lesson plans and materials online for parental review, despite some reservations.... Read more»

Narrowing of state, U.S. gender wage gaps slow; may widen post-pandemic

The wage gap that had been narrowing between men and women stalled in 2019, according to new numbers from the Census Bureau, and advocates fear the situation will only get worse when pandemic-era data is released. ... Read more»

Defeated Arizona anti-trans bill revived to bar gender conforming surgeries for trans youth

A week after a move to ban all gender-affirming care for transgender youth in Arizona was rejected, GOP lawmakers passed a measure barring gender confirmation surgery for minors with no public testimony allowed by Committee Chair Nancy Barto. ... Read more»

Republicans seek to criminalize and outlaw gender-affirming care for trans kids

A proposal from Sen. Wendy Rogers — who has a history of introducing anti-trans legislation — would send doctors who provide gender-affirming care to children under the age of 15 to prison for at least 17 years. ... Read more»

Arizona Senate committee approves measure targeting transgender girls in school sports

Republican senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday approved a proposal to bar transgender student athletes from playing on women’s sports teams for Arizona high schools and colleges.... Read more»

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What will 2022 bring in the way of misinformation on social media? 3 experts weigh in

It seemed hard to imagine a worse year than 2020 for misinformation on social media - but 2021 proved up to the task, starting with the Jan. 6 insurrection and continuing with copious amounts of falsehoods and distortions about COVID-19 vaccines - and 2022 is almost here.... Read more»


How Mrs. Claus embodied 19th-century debates about women’s rights

The writers who created Mrs. Claus were not just interested in filling in the blanks of Santa’s personal life - the poems and stories about Mrs. Claus spoke to women’s central role in the Christmas holiday and also provided a canvas to explore contemporary debates about gender.... Read more»

Attorneys waive fees to prepare name-change petitions for Arizona's LGBTQ+ community

A group of Arizona attorneys offered pro bono gender-confirming name changes for trans and nonbinary people - an easy process for lawyers and a life-changing experience for clients - in honor of Pride month, and hope to make it a larger project with a more systematic approach.... Read more»

Biden’s infrastructure plan would create plenty of jobs, but who will do them?

Employers are already straining to find construction workers, bridge builders, and water plant operators, an example of the potential labor shortage facing President Biden’s ambitious plan to upgrade the country’s infrastructure after a years-long failure to train the kinds of workers needed to do it.... Read more»

Recreational marijuana sales race ahead, but industry equity falls behind

Sales of recreational marijuana are surging at Arizona retailers that, after selling medical marijuana for nearly a decade, now accommodate a crop of new customers the state estimates could push revenue to $1 billion in two years.... Read more»

Transgender patients face uphill battle for care amid discrimination, doctor shortage

Even today, obstacles to health care remain for the estimated 1.4 million adults in the United States who identify as transgender – in large part because of the lack of medical professionals who themselves are transgender and the discrimination patients face from other practitioners.... Read more»

Trump support among Latinos steady; still trails Democrats by far

But while the polls showed some support for Trump, including growing support among young Latino men, they also reflect the fact that Latinos as a whole are still firmly in the Democrats’ camp.... Read more»

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