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Taking on white nationalism, feds say big threats need big spending

White nationalism appeared to dominate Capitol Hill on Wednesday as senators focused on the Justice Department’s budget while House lawmakers held their latest hearing on January’s storming of the U.S. Capitol. ... Read more»

White House reaches asylum deal with El Salvador

The Trump administration on Friday signed an immigration agreement with El Salvador that could allow the United States to send asylum seekers who arrive at the southern border to the Central American country, which ranks as one of the most dangerous in the world. ... Read more»

Understatement of the year in Mexico: 'The situation got out of control'

Police have arrested two men and seek a third for the weekend stabbing-murders of eight members of an extended family in Ciudad Juarez, an attack that spread fear in the Mexican border city that was once a world murder capital.... Read more»

Drug gang violence: Very bad things are happening in Honduras

Escalating drug wars and military raids of prison push Honduras closer to the edge. Migrants say they must leave to save their lives. ... Read more»

Can El Salvador’s gang truce hold?

El Salvador's vicious gangs have called a cease-fire, enticed in part by conjugal visits for incarcerated leaders. Salvadorans are skeptical it will last.... Read more»