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Study shows nearly half of bald eagles in Arizona affected by chronic lead poisoning

A new study from the journal Science found that almost half of bald eagles and golden eagles in Arizona and 37 other states suffered from chronic lead poisoning - caused by consuming lead from bullets and shot through their diet. ... Read more»

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Photos: Researchers release tiny fish into Tucson's Santa Cruz River

With backpacks laden with water-filled buckets, two biologists hauled around 100 fish to a portion of the Santa Cruz River known as the Heritage Reach, just west of Downtown Tucson, and released them. ... Read more»

Backyard birds: Annual count uses citizen scientists to take snapshots of U.S. populations

This year’s Great Backyard Bird Count - a four day birding event that gives scientists a real-time snapshot of where birds are across the world - marked the event’s 25th anniversary and uses the data gathered by the public to give scientists a snapshot right before a major migration period.... Read more»

Water for wildlife: Arizona Game & Fish rehabilitating old catchment systems

About 3,000 catchments - systems to collect and store rainwater for wildlife to access - have been built in Arizona over 75 years, and and many need to be repaired or replaced as below average rainfall the past 20 years has created greater needs for water conservation.... Read more»

Buffalo shuffle: Groups push to ship, not shoot, Grand Canyon bison

A planned hunt of bison on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon this week appears to be moving forward, despite last-minute pleas by lawmakers in Colorado to move the animals there instead. ... Read more»

Lucky sucker: Endangered Colorado River fish’s status improving; critics not so sure

Federal officials said the endangered razorback sucker has made enough of a comeback for the Colorado River fish’s status to be upgraded from endangered to threatened, but critics call the proposal to “downlist” the fish premature, saying that current populations are not self-sustaining.... Read more»

Santa Catalina Mountains rebounding from Bighorn Fire a year ago

A recent tour of Catalina State Park and Mount Lemmon reveals sprigs of new growth peeking through the forest floor a year after the Bighorn Fire. ... Read more»

Arizona parks find a way to survive through COVID pandemic

In 2020, about 2.9 million people came from across the nation to Arizona’s 30 state parks and historic sites, which include Picacho Peak, where the westernmost Civil War battle was fought to a draw; the Tombstone courthouse where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday faced trial; and a memorial to the Granite Mountain Hotshots, 19 firefighters killed in a 2013 wildfire.... Read more»

Chiricahua leopard frogs face habitat challenges as Phoenix Zoo works to save them

In the sky islands of southeastern Arizona, the Chiricahua leopard frog persists – a lofty feat only made possible by a team more than 200 miles away. ... Read more»

Enough habitat exists to support return of Mexican wolves in Southwest, study says

In a peer-reviewed study published Jan. 21, researchers from several universities in Mexico, the University of Arizona and wildlife officials found that a suitable habitat exists in the southwestern U.S. and the Occidental and Oriental ranges of the Sierra Madre in northern Mexico where Mexican wolves can be restored to their “historical ecological role” in the wild.... Read more»

Fight is on to save critically endangered red squirrel in Arizona

Forest fires and development have nearly decimated the Mt. Graham red squirrel, with only about 100 left in their “bottleneck habitat.”... Read more»

Mt. Graham red squirrel makes comeback, not out of the woods yet

An endangered squirrel that was driven to the brink of extinction by wildfire just three years ago in southern Arizona has seen its numbers more than triple following federal, state and local preservation efforts.... Read more»

Sharpshooters could target Grand Canyon bison by 2021 under herd plan

State and federal officials have agreed on a plan that includes bringing in volunteer sharpshooters to cut the number of bison on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

California condor release watched virtually around the world

About 1,900 people watched online Saturday as, one-by-one, four young California condors flapped through a hole in their release cage to take to the skies above Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, casting shadows on the windswept rocks below. ... Read more»

Preliminary OK for Little Colorado dam proposals worries plan’s critics

Federal regulators have given a Phoenix company the green light to study a hydropower project for the Little Colorado River, what opponents fear is a first step toward “destroying incredibly rare, beautiful, sacred resources.”... Read more»

Myth is reality: Discovery of bald eagles nesting in saguaro confirms longtime speculation

For eight decades, biologists have speculated that bald eagles build their nests in large saguaros. This week, the Arizona Game & Fish Department announced the discovery of the first bald eagle nest in a saguaro since before World War II.... Read more»

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