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Many doctors work under contracts that included a noncompete clause, barring them from practicing within 50 miles of the hospital they were employed at for two years after the contract ended.

The FTC proposed prohibiting noncompete clauses in employment contracts, allowing doctors to practice wherever their services are needed - but the proposal faces resistance from employers in all industries, including hospitals and private equity-backed medical groups. Read more»

A "community listening session" hosted by Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes on Tuesday in Tucson will focus on the proposed $25 billion merger between grocery giants Albertsons and Kroger — owners of stores such as Safeway and Fry's. Read more»

Private equity has tended to find legal ways to bill more for medical services: trimming services that don’t turn a profit, cutting staff, or employing personnel with less training to perform skilled jobs.

Private equity is rapidly moving to reshape health care in America - coming off a banner year in 2021 when the deep-pocketed firms plowed $206 billion into more than 1,400 acquisitions - and evidence is mounting that the practice has led to higher prices and diminished quality of care. Read more»

The calls and texts keep coming despite the fact that the Federal Communications Commission considers most political robotexts illegal.

Almost 50 million political robotexts were sent to Arizona phones in September and October alone, and Arizonans also got just over a million robocalls in the same period - just part of the estimated 2.2 billion in robotexts and 53 million campaign robocalls that were sent nationwide. Read more»

RealPage said previously that its revenue management software prioritizes a property’s own internal supply and demand dynamics over external factors such as competitors’ rents.

A U.S. Senate committee is asked the Federal Trade Commission to review whether the rent-setting software from Texas-based property tech company RealPage violates antitrust laws by helping big landlords operate as a cartel to push rents above competitive levels in some markets. Read more»

Where you’ve been and who you’ve interacted with are not difficult for governments and corporations to find out.

The FTC filed suit against Kochava Inc., accusing the data broker of selling geolocation data from hundreds of millions of mobile devices - an issue as numerous state laws criminalizing abortion have thrust the perilous state of personal privacy into the spotlight. Read more»

Lina Khan, chair of the Federal Trade Commission, said the agency would scrutinize how proposed mergers might affect not only prices but also workers in the labor market.

Fresh off the Federal Trade Commission’s successful challenges to four hospital mergers, the Biden administration’s new majority on the commission is primed to more aggressively combat consolidation in the health care industry than it has in past years. Read more»

New FCC regulations may have led to a reduction in robocalls over the past year, but Arizonans are still getting millions of such calls a day. And spam texts have skyrocketed during the same period, according to advocates, who say phone companies can do more.

Federal regulations aimed at blocking robocalls appear to have had some effect over the past year, but robotexts have skyrocketed in their place, according to a recent report from the Arizona Public Interest Research Group. Read more»

988 is the new federally mandated dialing code used to connect those in need to 24/7 suicide prevention services. A call or text to the number links individuals with trained counselors who are part of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline network.

Beginning July 16, 988 becomes the federally mandated dialing code used to connect those in need - by call or text - to 24/7 suicide prevention services in order to provide an easy-to-remember and faster way to get help. Read more»

Abortion rights activists in Tucson protest the Supreme Court decision reversing Roe v. Wade on May 3, 2022.

President Biden signed an executive order Friday that could preserve some access to abortion in states where the procedure remains legal by making sure abortion medication “is as widely accessible as possible” and taking steps to protect consumers’ privacy.” Read more»

With millions of Americans scrambling to file their taxes in the next few weeks, the Federal Trade Commission asked a federal court to intervene to stop Intuit from claiming in ads that Americans can file for “free” using the company’s TurboTax software. Read more»

This form of scam is surging at a moment when millions of Americans are quitting jobs and looking for new ones.

From Facebook to LinkedIn to Indeed, ads are popping up that promise well-paying jobs — if applicants provide their Social Security numbers and other details up front - and scammers then use the information to apply for unemployment benefits. Read more»

Under current labeling rules, most grass-fed beef labeled 'Product of USA' is actually raised and slaughtered abroad, but imported to the U.S. for processing.

The White House will unveil an executive order in the coming days that directs the U.S. Department of Agriculture to clarify that meat can only receive a “Product of USA” label if that livestock is raised in the U.S. rather than abroad. Read more»

Since January 2019, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office has received more than 230 complaints about gift card scams. It has teamed with the Arizona Food Marketing Alliance to get out the word.

Consumers will start seeing new “STOP” signs at gift card displays in many Arizona stores, part of an effort to fight a growing and costly fraud in which scammers – often posing as government officials – ask consumers to pay off a debt or penalty through gift cards. Read more»

Federal regulators sent Texas physician Steven Hotze warning letters for marketing vitamins for children that he claimed would prevent Covid-19.

With the U.S. coronavirus death toll surging past 425,000 and the rollout of genuine vaccines painfully slow, bogus Covid-19 promotions are still going strong. The Justice Department, which reported receiving more than 76,000 tips about coronavirus scams by the fall, has filed at least 33 criminal cases, along with 13 civil actions seeking to halt the sale of fake vaccines, treatments or testing. Read more»

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