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FactCheck: Trump wrong about wall effect in El Paso

President Donald Trump falsely claimed that El Paso, Texas went from “one of the most dangerous cities in the country to one of the safest cities in the country overnight” after “a wall was put up” along the Mexico border.... Read more»

Texas bullet train moving ahead despite obstacles

The private firm hoping to build a high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston has been celebrating a summer of successes. But three years after Texas Central Partners first revealed its ambitious venture, challenges remain.... Read more»

Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth mayors back bullet train

The mayors of Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth on Thursday announced their unified support for the construction of a privately funded bullet train between the two metropolitan regions.... Read more»

Bankruptcy court gives final OK to US Airways-American Airlines merger

US Airways and American Airlines said they expect to complete their long-planned merger by Dec. 9, after a federal bankruptcy judge on Wednesday removed the final hurdle to the deal.... Read more»

'Culture of fear' prompts Arizona immigrants to seek legal advice

Undocumented residents in Arizona and other states, worried about the crackdown on illegal immigration, are setting up legal protections in case they are deported.... Read more»

UA Wildcats baseball

'Fresh start' for Wildcat baseball in College World Series

The Wildcats will be the third seed for the Fort Worth, Texas regional and one of eight Pac-10 teams to be represented in the College World Series.... Read more»

Health care reform

Doctors offer pay-as-you-go, 'concierge' services

Call it primary care’s version of the gated community. As health care reform adds millions to insurance rolls, wait times for appointments could creep from weeks to months. The new premium for patients who can pay? Simply getting in. ... Read more»

Airline service

American adds nonstop Tucson-to-Dallas flight

Tucson air travelers will soon have another nonstop flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth.... Read more»