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ASU researchers studying how to preserve tree species amid climate change

Two researchers at Arizona State University are aiming to help officials manage trees based on how different types are affected by climate change. Janet Franklin, a geography professor, and Pep Serra-Diaz, a postdoctoral researcher, are using computer models to study how quickly a tree species and its habitat will be exposed to climate change. That information is used to locate areas with specific elevations and latitudes where trees could survive and repopulate.... Read more»

Leader of Utah sovereignty effort makes case in Arizona

The Utah lawmaker who authored a law calling for the federal government to relinquish authority over public lands said Thursday that devastating wildfires are one reason for Arizona to follow suit.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Southwestern forests in peril

The University of Arizona's Dr. Tom Swetnam said there's a bleak future for Southwestern forests. Plus, Shelly Fishman with the Tuesday Money Maker Report, and LD9 state House candidate Victoria Steele (D), and comments on Proposition 409 from former Rio Nuevo Board member Rick Grinnell. ... Read more»

Bill to use conservation fund for fire-damaged forests draws ire

The Arizona State Parks Board and an environmental group are objecting to a state lawmaker’s plan that would tap a voter–approved fund intended for land conservation to help fund the restoration of forests devastated by wildfires.... Read more»