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Violent phase in pandemic hits as protests break out around globe

The coronavirus pandemic is entering an unruly and violent phase as protests against mandatory vaccines break out in vaccine-rich Western countries and anger mounts in poorer countries where vaccines are only trickling in. ... Read more»

Is this election really all about race and national identity?

There are several ways to parse this year’s presidential election. Many see Obama’s policies of inclusion as undermining whites’ view of citizenship... Read more»


Romney shows off foreign policy creds

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is on the road, building his foreign policy credentials, or the appearance of them.... Read more»

Arizona v. United States

What to expect if the Supreme Court upholds SB 1070

What would actually happen if the Supreme Court upholds the SB7070? Here's a list of unpalatable consequences.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

McCain reminds us why we voted for Obama

On Syria, John McCain reveals why he would have been a terrible president. In a McCain presidency we might have had upward of two million tired and over-rotated U.S. troops now engaged in shooting wars in the Middle East.... Read more»

Down the rabbit hole of Tea Party foreign policy

It is no trick for a Europe-based reporter to define Tea Party foreign policy, after prowling both coasts and parts in between. There is none. The worldview of the conservative grassroots movement evokes that tea party Alice found down a rabbit hole.... Read more»1