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From farm to table, immigrants feed America

Among the nation’s 50 million immigrants from more than 150 countries, most are more likely to be service, construction and transportation employees - the people who work in fields, cook and package takeout orders in restaurants, and are the foundation of farm to table.... Read more»

Felicia's Farm brings Tucson community together to help with food insecurity

Felicia’s Farm, a nonprofit farm at the base of the Catalina Foothills, has been donating all of their local produce and eggs to Tucson soup kitchens and those in need for 10 years.... Read more»

New Mexico green chile roasts spread coast to coast

A signature crop from New Mexico's southern Rio Grand Valley, freshly roasted peppers—always referred to as singular "chile"—are spreading across the country as former New Mexicans spread the word and others take notice. ... Read more»

Texas border: Nat'l Guard troops struggling financially

Democrats say media reports that some National Guard troops on the border haven't been paid and can't afford basic necessities are infuriating. Republican Gov. Rick Perry's office says the National Guard is fully equipped to help them. ... Read more»1

The best reporting on California's drought

This year may be the driest in California in half a millennium. These reports explore how the drought is affecting agriculture, business and living conditions in the nation’s most populous state. ... Read more»

Growing obesity could cost Az billions

Healthcare experts see a sharp rise in the number of obese Arizonans in coming years, increasing the likelihood of obesity-related diseases and raising healthcare costs by as much as $13.6 billion in that time. It follows a national trend of growing obesity and associated health costs. ... Read more»

4th Ave. Spring Street Fair kicks off

Artists, musicians, performers and food vendors join merchants of the historic shopping district for the annual 4th Avenue Spring Street Fair.... Read more»

U.S. Census: 49 million live in poverty

The latest U.S. Census Bureau numbers show that 49.1 million Americans were living in poverty in 2010. This was a record breaking number, indicating 16 percent of the American population lives in poverty.... Read more»3

Hispanic homes more likely to have hunger

One in three Hispanic households with children is never sure if it will have enough food for all members of the family, according to a recent report.... Read more»3

Desert Museum celebrates winged creatures

The Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum will celebrate winged creatures and the Year of the Bat during the Festival of Flight beginning Friday. ... Read more»


Corruption, war hinders food aid to Somalia

As the famine in southern Somalia worsens, aid experts fear that corruption and the politics of terrorism are crimping the flow of humanitarian relief to areas where starvation is worst. ... Read more»

Can eating dogs be done humanely?

It is possible that by legalizing and regulating the dog meat industry, we could put an end to the cramming of dogs in cages and the bludgeoning of dogs to death?... Read more»1

Fatty foods can be as addictive as cocaine

Yes, it's possible that you can be addicted to junk food.... Read more»