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Pause for Johnson & Johnson vaccine extended as federal health panel wrestles with next steps

Use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 shot will remain paused for at least a week, after a federal vaccine advisory panel said Wednesday that it had too little data on a rare but serious blood-clotting condition reported in at least six women. ... Read more»

Biden administration unveils boost to state COVID-19 vaccine shipments

President Joe Biden says his administration is boosting the number of doses sent to states each week by 1.4 million doses and will be giving state officials allocation estimates three weeks in advance, a shift from the week-ahead figures that the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed had offered to state officials.... Read more»

Uncertainty lingers around long-term immunity from Covid-19 vaccines

Vaccines that have been shown to give immunity for years, like the ones for yellow fever and polio, are made differently than the leading shots for Covid-19, which focus on a limited range of viral proteins.... Read more»

MIA in the war on cancer: Where are the low-cost treatments?

Michael Retsky awoke from surgery to bad news. The tumor in his colon had spread to four of his lymph nodes and penetrated the bowel wall. When Retsky showed the pathology report to William Hrushesky, his treating oncologist, the doctor exclaimed, "Mamma mia."... Read more»

The inactivation of the body scanners

X-raying passengers for airline security became a lot less common in 2012.... Read more»

TSA to commission independent study of X-ray body scanners

The Transportation Security Administration will have the National Academy of Sciences study the health effects of X-ray body scanners used in airports.... Read more»

Scientists cast doubt on TSA tests of full-body scanners

Scientists with expertise in imaging and cancer say the evidence made public to support claims that airport body scanners are safe is unreliable.... Read more»1

Drug companies faulted for overmedicating in nursing homes

A number of drug companies have been accused of illegally promoting powerful antipsychotics off-label to doctors and pharmacies, including those that serve nursing home residents. ... Read more»

Nine ways the new health law may affect you in 2011

Opponents of the new health care overhaul law are threatening to repeal, defund and kill it in court, but that isn't stopping Washington from implementing a number of important provisions in 2011.... Read more»3

FDA’s findings on salmonella-linked egg farms: Mice, maggots, manure

The latest crisis — a salmonella outbreak that caused more than a half-billion eggs to be recalled — has prompted the FDA to begin inspecting all of the country's largest egg farms before the end of next year. Had your breakfast yet? Here are the first two reports.... Read more»

Health care reform

Seven health care changes you might have missed

You've probably heard about some of the changes in that the new health overhaul law this year. But several lesser-known provisions also take effect in coming months that could have a lasting impact on the nation's health care system. ... Read more»

Berkeley's request for students' DNA draws fire

A genetics group is criticizing Berkeley for asking incoming students to provide DNA samples to the university.... Read more»