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Guest Opinion

Paid leave is a sure fire way to honor our military’s sacrifice

The Biden administration has called on Congress to pass a national, inclusive paid leave as part of the American Families Plan, a policy that would support service members, their families and the roughly 500,000 veterans living in Arizona.... Read more»

Struggles of Cave Creek district are emblematic of Arizona schools during COVID-19

Teacher retention issues in Cave Creek are being repeated in schools across Arizona and the U.S. as administrators, staff members, teachers, parents and especially students grapple with how to best learn during a pandemic. ... Read more»

New federal sick leave law – who’s eligible, who’s not and how many weeks do you get

The new sick leave law does not provide blanket coverage for all workers. Instead, it’s a confusing mess – legislative Swiss cheese, full of exceptions and gradations that affect whether you are covered, for how long and how much pay you can expect to receive.... Read more»

Az gets failing grade for policies to support new working parents

Arizona received a failing grade for its policies to help expecting and new parents, only meeting the minimum federal standards under the Family and Medical Leave Act, according to a national report card released Wednesday.... Read more»

Az’s same-sex couples could get family leave, but impact uncertain

The Labor Department has proposed expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act to legally married same-sex couples, even if they live in a state that doesn't recognize gay unions. Advocates say it might have little practical impact in Arizona, but would make an important political statement. ... Read more»

Report: Az work policies not so 'family friendly'

Federal law guarantees most workers 12 weeks off for events like a birth, but that leave is unpaid. Because Arizona does not provide more than the federal law, it - like many states - got an F for its family-friendly workplace policies. ... Read more»

Az panned for family leave protections

Arizona got a grade of D for its legal protections for employees who need to take family or medical leave, in a recent national report ranking states on their health leave laws. But the state was in good company: The report gave grades of D or F to 34 states.... Read more»1


So much for health-care reform: What about workplace reform?

It looks like the life-changing, world-altering health-care reform we've been hearing so much of will likely be no more than insurance provider reform. There's another big issue, one that affects millions, but that is hardly a blip on the politico's radar: workplace reform.... Read more»