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Staring at a government shutdown, Arizona Republicans seek compromise on tax cuts

Sen. Paul Boyer - one of the two GOP holdouts blocking the proposed budget and tax cut plan forged by Republican leaders and Gov. Doug Ducey - is working on a compromise plan, while threat from the Telegraph Fire has delayed plans by second holdout David Cook, R-Globe, to put forth his own proposal.... Read more»

Globe Republican David Cook votes against flat-tax proposal, scuttling GOP budget

Arizona House Republicans’ effort to force through a budget fell short again as GOP Rep. David Cook continued his opposition over a massive income tax cut package, arguing that the small cities in his largely rural district can’t afford the revenue losses they’ll incur from the proposed flat tax. ... Read more»

Arizona House to return for budget vote, but GOP support remains in question

The House of Representatives is back in session and will take another shot at passing a budget, including a massive income tax cut that would replace Arizona’s graduated income tax brackets with a flat 2.5% rate, but it still doesn’t appear to have the unanimous support from Republicans that it needs to pass.... Read more»

Unable to win GOP support for a budget, Arizona lawmakers pause work for 2 weeks

The Senate on Thursday abandoned plans to vote on a budget and instead adjourned until June 10 amid a stalemate over a proposed budget deal and the massive income tax cut it includes, a day after the House did the same, though both chambers could return earlier if lawmakers reach a deal.... Read more»1


Gingrich’s plan: Nearly zero tax for Romney

Newt Gingrich joked that he ought to rename his proposed 15 percent flat tax the "Mitt Romney Flat Tax," so "all Americans would pay the rate Mitt Romney paid." Under Gingrich's tax plan, Romney would likely pay closer to zero percent.... Read more»

Flat taxes are big in former USSR, but have they worked?

GOP presidential candidates Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich have all introduced proposals for flat taxes. Most of the countries that have adopted flat taxes in recent years are from the former Soviet bloc. Economists caution that you can’t necessarily translate their experiences into an American context.... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Flat-tax will hurt most Az taxpayers, Aboud says

We start things off with State Senator Paula Aboud and her upcoming flat-tax forums. Plus, former Corp. Commission chair Kris Mayes, and the co-authors of a book on Navajo artist Quincey Tahoma.... Read more»