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Fitness industry struggles to adjust as COVID-19 pandemic endures

Like most businesses, the fitness industry took a hit during the pandemic - about one in five health clubs have shut down permanently since March 2020 and most other gyms and fitness centers closed their doors temporarily, forcing people to find new ways to work out.... Read more»

Arizonans find resources for positive change amid COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges with social isolation, job insecurity and unique stresses due to the pandemic have left many struggling, but relief has come in a variety of forms, ranging from physical training to spiritual guidance to personal development.... Read more»

Judge says Ducey must give gyms opportunity to apply for reopening

Maricopa County judge handed Mountainside Fitness a partial victory in its challenge to Gov. Doug Ducey's order closing gyms, ruling that the governor must give them an opportunity to apply for reopening within a week but leaving the order in place.... Read more»

COVID-19 in Az: Judge refuses to block Ducey order closing gyms

A Maricopa County judge on Tuesday refused to block Gov. Doug Ducey’s order closing gyms across the state, ruling that Mountainside Fitness could not show that the abrupt shutdown order violated the law.... Read more»3

Walk to School Day promotes clean air, fit kids

A record 49 schools in the Tucson area are participating in International Walk to School Day on Wednesday to support active lifestyles in children and improve air quality.... Read more»

School health programs get kids, community in shape

Capture the protein, Challenger Middle School gym teacher Judy Gonzalez’s spin on the playground standard capture the flag, teaches kids about the importance of controlling portions and burning calories.... Read more»

Childhood obesity

Tucson doctors, teachers, parents fight childhood obesity

In January 2000, 11 percent of all children were overweight or obese. Today, it's 33 percent... Read more»