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Vaquitas Last Stand: Fisherman struggle to maintain livelihood and porpoise population

Fishing has been the lifeblood of this 5,000-family village for a century but gillnets were banned here four years ago to protect the vaquita marina. With fewer of 30 of the little porpoises left. ... Read more»

State officials warn of mercury levels in fishing areas

Arizona environmental officials on Wednesday warned visitors and residents to only eat limited amounts of certain kinds of fish contaminated with mercury found in three fishing areas in the state, adding to a growing list of advisories against fish consumption in lakes and streams.... Read more»

Poll: Hispanics overwhelmingly support conservation and tourism

A new survey claims that Latino voters in Western states believe the government should protect public lands and they want to be consulted on land-policy issues. Pollsters attributed that sentiment to the generations-long ties many Hispanic families have to the region... Read more»

Az officials: Forest Service regulation on trailers unfair to hunters

Arizona officials are slamming the U.S. Forest Service over a regulation making trailers subject to impoundment or citation if left unattended for more than 72 hours in northern Arizona national forests.... Read more»

Game & Fish fee bill on governor's desk

Legislation that would allow the Arizona Game and Fish Department to price and package hunting and fishing licenses without approval from the Legislature was heading to Gov. Jan Brewer after winning state House approval Monday.... Read more»

Bill would put commission in charge of Game & Fish fees

Concerned that a complicated licensing system deters would-be hunters and anglers, the Arizona Game and Fish Department wants to simplify things by bundling options. But under current law any such changes must go through a three-year legislative process at the State Capitol.... Read more»

Golden algae a growing concern in Salt River system

A one-celled aquatic invader that killed thousands of fish in the Salt River is now a growing concern at Roosevelt Lake. Dozens of gizzard shad in the lake died late last month from the toxin produced by golden algae, ... Read more»

Marine life headed for mass extinction, panel says

Overfishing, pollution and climate change are pushing the world's oceans to the brink of a mass extinction of marine life on a scale unprecedented in human history, a group of scientists warned Monday.... Read more»

Hunting, fishing rights proposition gunned down at polls

Voters on Tuesday rejected a ballot measure to make hunting and fishing constitutional rights in Arizona and forbid laws or rules that restrict such activities.... Read more»

Proposition 109

McCain: Prop. 109 would check radical groups, help wildlife

A ballot proposition that would establish a constitutional right to hunt and fish in Arizona would prevent radical groups from criminalizing the sports and harming wildlife in the process, Sen. John McCain said Wednesday.... Read more»

Proposition 109

Foes of hunting rights measure call it a power grab

Advocates for those who hunt and fish say a ballot proposition that would establish a constitutional right to those sports in Arizona is long overdue. Opponents say amending the constitution would change the way officials can manage hunting and fishing.... Read more»

Hunting & fishing proposition opposed by wildlife, animal groups

A ballot proposition promoted as a way to safeguard the right to fish and hunt in Arizona would politicize decisions about wildlife by giving the Legislature sole authority, leaders of a new campaign against the measure say.... Read more»