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Coach prevails at Supreme Court on game-time prayers

In a 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court said a football coach’s First Amendment rights were violated when the school district tried to prevent him from leading prayers after games - a decision dissenters say erodes the separation of church and state.... Read more»

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Arizona Supreme Court affirms constitutionality of anonymous juries

In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled against the petitioners in a case involving a presumptive First Amendment right where juror names remained anonymous during and after the trial.... Read more»

Texas law prohibiting social media companies from banning users over their viewpoints reinstated by appeals court

A panel on the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday reinstated a Republican-backed Texas law that prohibits large social media companies from banning users over their political viewpoints.... Read more»

Arizona Supreme Court to decide constitutionality of anonymous juries

The Arizona Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday over whether there is a First Amendment right of access to the names of jurors - a case that stems from two COVID-era trials where juror names remained anonymous during and after the trial.... Read more»


Lawsuits over bans on teaching critical race theory are coming – here’s what won’t work, and what might

Now that the furor over teaching kids about racism has reached a boiling point in communities across the country - and states and school districts are threatening teachers with disciplinary action - the question naturally arises: Does this violate the teachers’ First Amendment rights?... Read more»

Police critics arrested after 2019 immigration protest sue Phoenix, police

A man who Phoenix police arrested during an interview with the Arizona Mirror at a July 2019 protest and another bystander who police mistook for a right-wing agitator have filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Phoenix and several officers, claiming police unlawfully targeted and arrested them. ... Read more»

Class action lawsuit filed against City of Phoenix, police chief for mass arrests

Twenty three people rounded up and arrested for unfounded felony rioting charges following a May 30, 2020 protest in downtown Phoenix filed a federal class action lawsuit, alleging a conspiracy that included the “mass arrests of 124 individuals, and the use of a manufactured, cut-and-paste probable cause statement to support false felony charges.”... Read more»

Guest opinion: Sunshine Week

Open government much better government

Open government is good government or, at the very least, it is better government. Nefarious deeds happen in the dark, behind closed doors.... Read more»

Ginsburg’s decades on high court included numerous Arizona rulings

Any case before the Supreme Court has national impact, but a fraction of cases the court decided during Ginsburg’s tenure directly affected Arizona. ... Read more»

Dems file lawsuit to let Az voters correct unsigned early ballots

Local and national Democratic Party organizations are suing Arizona election officials to block them from automatically throwing out early ballots that haven't been signed by voters.... Read more»

Az execution witnesses have 1st Amendment right to hear entire process, 9th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that witnesses to Arizona executions have a First Amendment right to hear the entire execution process to help determine if executions are done “in a humane and lawful manner.”... Read more»


Donald Trump and the return of seditious libel

This year, for the first time since at least Richard Nixon, the leader of one of our major political parties has pledged to limit press freedom by restricting criticism of his prospective rule.... Read more»1

Smart v. Stupid

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s showdown at the civil rights corral

Will Sheriff Joe Arpaio finally get what’s coming to him? He went on trial Thursday in federal court, charged with violating the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1964. With the nation focused on whether Mitt Romney is a tax cheat, Barack Obama is a socialist, and George Zimmerman’s IQ is below 80, you may have missed the news.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

How the Supreme Court ruined your child’s civics education

You might be shocked to learn what your child believes about free speech.... Read more»

Demonstrators beware: You won't be seen or heard

Cities’ use of “spatial tactics” such as exclusion zones at upcoming political conventions and this weekend's NATO summit risks muffling dissent, critics say.... Read more»5

Access Tucson to celebrate free speech with humor

The First Amendment will be the star of the show Wednesday when Access Tucson celebrates free speech with comedy featuring two hometown talents.... Read more»

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