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Drought-stricken western U.S. headed for water crisis as another dangerous fire season looms

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters that federal fire officials had warned to prepare for an extremely active fire year with several types of drought converging in the West this year, and "wildland fires now extend throughout the entire year, burning hotter and growing more catastrophic in drier conditions due to climate change."... Read more»

COVID plans put to test as firefighters crowd camps during peak forest fire season

Fighting forest fires is an inherently dangerous job that now carries the additional risk of COVID-19. Any outbreak that ripples through a firecamp could easily sideline crews and spread the virus across multiple fires ... Read more»

Firefighters prepare for a challenging fire season due to COVID-19

As if fighting fires wasn’t dangerous enough, firefighters now have to worry about COVID-19 while they’re on the job, making for what fire officials say will be the “most challenging season we’re going to have.” ... Read more»