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No, Obama isn't about to crack down on Wall Street

In President Obama's second term, financial regulation would finally appear to have the leverage. Wall Street spent zillions on Mitt Romney, who had promised to roll back financial reform, and lost. Elizabeth Warren now sits in the world's greatest deliberative body.... Read more»

Red tape, old guard slow whistleblowing on corporate tax cheats

For years, the Internal Revenue Service had a reputation as an unwelcoming place for whistleblowers who offered tips about corporate tax dodgers. ... Read more»

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Wall Street watchdog flunks review

The internal watchdog for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission flunked a recent review of its auditing operations, raising questions about its ability to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse within the agency that will soon police the multi-trillion-dollar derivatives market. ... Read more»

SEC rules offer generous bounties to whistleblowers

In setback for corporate lobbyists, whistleblowers can take tips to government investigators first.... Read more»

Busy week for Congress weighing financial reform

Major banks with at least $50 billion in assets and any other companies that are designated as systemically important will be subject to stricter regulation to protect the U.S. financial system from another meltdown. ... Read more»