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COVID woes prompt more states to require financial literacy classes

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored how few Americans are prepared for financial emergencies and how most are uninformed about personal finances, giving financial literacy requirements as a high school graduation requirement new momentum.... Read more»

Tucson hires Anna Rosenberry as new CFO & assistant city manager

The city of Tucson hired Anna Rosenberry as the new chief finance officer and assistant city manager. Rosenberry started March 21 and comes from Montana, where she had more than two decades of experience in local government finance.... Read more»

8 ways to teach kids to manage money as coronavirus keeps families at home

With Arizona schools closed indefinitely, children have plenty of time on their hands – and parents are looking for teachable moments. One subject that’s not taught in most schools is money and how to earn it, spend it, share it and save it.... Read more»

Banking Caucus: Wall Street's secret weapon in Washington

Lawmakers are helping industry donors beat back tougher rules. Every business sector has its friends in Washington. Financial companies — from the biggest megabanks to small payday lenders — have some of the best.... Read more»

Household budget

Tucson No. 8 in household spending

Tucson ranked No. 8 in the U.S. in overall household expenses in a study by Bundle.com.... Read more»