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Have app, will gamble: Arizona online sports betting sites open registration

Saturday presented another milestone for Arizonans interested in placing bets on sporting events: online pre-registration - as betting organizations including DraftKings and FanDuel launched their Arizona sites, with sports gambling in Arizona going live on Sept. 9.... Read more»

UA - Clemson? ACC, Big Ten, Pac-12 alliance could change college football landscape

The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences announced an official alliance Tuesday – a move that could impact the athletic programs at the University of Arizona and Arizona State, as well as the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Full disclosure: Clean Elections measure needs work to push transparency

A citizen's initiative to change state law to — get this — require disclosure and clean up the state's elections faces a big hurdle: getting on the ballot. The idea of disclosure is pretty frickin' simple and would seem to be the bare minimum in an advanced democracy. However, in Arizona even criminal scandal-gates surrounding buying favors aren't enough to rouse action. ... Read more»

Scandals spur little change: Arizona graded D in integrity exam

Gaps in government transparency and accountability in Arizona over the past few years are not hard to find. The Copper State received an overall score of 64 – a D grade — in a new State Integrity Investigation, a data-driven assessment of government accountability and transparency in all 50 states.... Read more»

Shelton resigns from Fiesta Bowl, will run Tucson science foundation

Robert Shelton, a former UA president, resigned from the Fiesta Bowl and will return to Tucson to run the Research Corporation for Science Advancement. The bowl announced the move in a press release Tuesday morning.... Read more»

State Integrity Investigation

Arizona gets D+ on corruption risk report card

Arizona, like most states, tends to initiate reforms after scandals. The state may need more good government laws: Arizona landed 27th with a grade of D+ and a numerical score of 68 in rankings by the State Integrity Investigation.... Read more»

Ex-Fiesta Bowl chief pleads guilty to illegal campaign contributions

The former executive director of the Fiesta Bowl pleaded guilty Tuesday to making illegal federal campaign contributions by the Fiesta Bowl.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Arizona Republic gone rogue?

It is time for a leadership change at the Republic; Publisher John Zidich of Fiesta Bowl board fame and his executive editor Randy Lovely need to go. We don't need a daily rag of negativism and half-assed reporting; I can get that from any blog out there. The Republic has gone rogue and it needs correcting.... Read more»

University of Arizona

Shelton resigning to take Fiesta Bowl job

After five years, University of Arizona President Robert Shelton will step down to become the head of the Fiesta Bowl, he announced Monday.... Read more»