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Monsoon floods rejuvenate Santa Cruz River ecosystem

Early last week, a large flood hit the Santa Cruz River after heavy monsoon rains, providing a much-needed boost for the river's biodiversity and the aquifer lying beneath. ... Read more»

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All that hand-washing not reflected in Tucson Water usage

You might be washing your hands a whole lot more these days, but Tucson Water figures haven't (yet) shown any substantial COVID-19-related changes — except there's no longer an early-morning peak in use.... Read more»

‘Flowing stream from here on out’: Tucson using effluent to revive ‘dead’ stretch of river

Along a parched Tucson riverbed where only dust and wild grasses have held sway for the past 70 years, the Santa Cruz River now flows again.... Read more»

Lawn time ago: Tucson saves water with desert landscaping, synthetic grass

Tucson used to be a city of lawns. Patches of Bermuda grass lined residential neighborhoods, kept green — even in blazing summer months — with diligent watering. Over the decades, that has changed. Most Tucson residents eschew lush lawns in favor of landscaping more in tune with the city’s desert setting — although that doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no green at all.... Read more»3

Az officials hopeful, watchful as toxic release moves toward Colorado River

Arizona officials said Tuesday they continue to monitor a massive spill of toxic mining sludge that is heading downstream toward the Colorado River, but are hopeful that it will have little impact by time it reaches the state. ... Read more»

1,300 near Oracle/Magee to be without water overnight Saturday

About 1,300 customers near North Oracle and West Magee roads will be without water service from midnight Saturday through about 5 a.m. Sunday as crews address water pressure concerns that have been reported in the area.... Read more»

Water line work to shut taps for 400 near Oracle/Magee overnight

About 400 Tucson Water customers will be without service overnight Wednesday as a contractor completes work on a project near North Oracle and West Magee roads. Taps will be dry from about midnight to 6 a.m. Thursday.... Read more»

Tucson Water warns of possible phone scam

Tucson Water is warning the public about a possible phone scam. The utility has been receiving complaints from customers who were contacted by telephone and asked to provide financial information to avoid shutoff of their water service.... Read more»

Water work to close Park Ave. for 2 weeks

A stretch of North Park Avenue near the University of Arizona will be closed for two weeks as crews replace a water main and install service for a student housing project. Park will be closed between Speedway and 2nd Street from Dec. 23 through Jan. 10.... Read more»

Tucson Water repairs will mean dry taps in Midtown

Midtown residents should fill a few extra water jugs; repairs to a water line will mean Tucson Water will turn off taps overnight Thursday.... Read more»

Tucson Water warns of scam phone calls

Phone calls asking Tucson Water customers to provide private information prompted the utility to warn of the apparent attempted scams Tuesday.... Read more»

Final water-rate town hall Wednesday night

Tucson Water will host a final town hall Wednesday evening to present options for a proposed increase in water rates. The increases would bump monthly bills between $2.91 to $3.68 for average residential users.... Read more»

Gray water, rainwater harvesting workshops Saturday

Tucson Water is hosting two free workshops on gray water and rainwater irrigation system installations Saturday, Feb. 16. Rebates are available for those who qualify and attend the workshops at the University of Arizona, Pima County Cooperative Extension. ... Read more»1

Broken water main closes Glenn for a week

A broken 30-inch line carrying reclaimed water caused a sinkhole in Glenn Street between Craycroft and Swan Roads last week. Repairs will take up to a week, a Tucson Water spokesman said. ... Read more»

Tucson Water offers internships for teachers

Tucson Water is offering a summer internship program for high school and middle school teachers who are interested in learning more about utility and water management.... Read more»

Weather Service: Freeze warning overnight

Prepare for a chilly night. A freeze warning is in effect for the Tucson area from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. Tuesday.... Read more»

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