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Grijalva: It's time to embrace real solutions for growing fentanyl dangers

For too long, we've played politics with the public health threat of fentanyl. It's time we addressed it with science-based solutions and raised awareness that cuts through the political talking points. ... Read more»

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Dangerous counterfeit drugs are putting millions of U.S. consumers at risk

19 million Americans obtained likely counterfeit prescription medications through non-licensed internet pharmacies or while traveling - but while counterfeit medications may look legitimate, active ingredients are frequently replaced with dangerous alternatives.... Read more»

Americans overdosing on drugs at new record high

One person died from a drug overdose every five minutes in the United States in 2021, a record level that is up 15% from overdose deaths counted in 2020 and 30% higher than pre-pandemic estimates in 2019.... Read more»

Nogales CBP agents seize 9K fentanyl tablets stashed in bicycle

Nogales U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers seized 9,000 fentanyl pills, worth an estimated $24,500 stuffed in the frame of a bicycle, authorities said. ... Read more»

Meat 'surprise': Crock-pot seized at Nogales port contains 130,000 fentanyl tablets

Nogales-area U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers discovered 130,000 fentanyl tablets hidden in a crock-pot on Tuesday, officials said. ... Read more»

Texas governor touts success of border crackdown

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott boasted Thursday about the amount of fentanyl seized and the number of undocumented immigrants arrested since a border crackdown a year ago - yet many immigrants have had cases dismissed and six National Guard soldiers have died during the deployment.... Read more»

Stiff fentanyl sentences in Arizona would target users, not just dealers, critics say

A GOP plan to impose stiff prison sentences against those who make and sell fentanyl is more likely to sweep up drug addicts than the dealers it ostensibly seeks to punish, critics said Thursday. ... Read more»

Cold stash: A/C unit on RV held $4.4M in fentanyl & meth

A Phoenix-area man was arrested Monday after Customs and Border Protection officers found nearly $4.4 million in drugs — including 800 lbs. of meth, and more than 110 lbs. of fentanyl — at the border crossing in Lukeville, Ariz. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Being arrested in Pima County should not be a death sentence

Last year was the deadliest year at the Pima County Jail since at least 2009. In 2021, one person died in the jail approximately every 31 days – the majority of them young men of color “found unresponsive in their cells.” ... Read more»

Biden gets low marks for 'missed opportunities' on justice reform

Justice reform advocates say they are “dissatisfied” with the Biden administration’s progress, arguing that even some of the easier pledges the president made on the campaign trail have gone unfulfilled.... Read more»

Fentanyl, COVID-19 help drive overdose deaths to record 12-month high

The COVID-19 pandemic and a growing unsafe drug supply combined to push overdose deaths up by 27.6% in the U.S. over a 12-month period from 2020 to 2021, a surge in deaths that was matched in Arizona. ... Read more»

Social media, fentanyl a 'deadly' combination, DEA warns

The DEA confiscated millions of counterfeit fentanyl pills and over 28,000 pounds of methamphetamine as of 2020 - but keeping track of the transportation and distribution has become more complicated, because drug traffickers are using social media to sell the pills.... Read more»

CBP busts 'record-breaking' haul of 3,300 lbs of meth in Nogales

Customs and Border Protection officers made the largest seizure of meth in the Tucson Field's Office's history Wednesday when they found nearly 3,300 pounds worth asbout $7.7 million stashed in a shipment of auto parts.... Read more»

How the pandemic helped spread fentanyl across the U.S. and drive overdose deaths to grim new high

The latest tally from the CDC shows that for the first time ever, the number of Americans who fatally overdosed over the course of a year surpassed 100,000 - a soaring death toll fueled by illicitly synthesized fentanyl that is increasingly replacing heroin. ... Read more»

DPS troopers seize $1.7 million in narcotics near Marana

State police arrested two men following an Interstate 10 traffic stop near Marana on charges of transportation of an illegal drug for sale and seized $1.7 million worth of banned narcotics. ... Read more»

El Chapo's brother indicted in Tucson for drug trafficking, U.S. offers $5M reward

Federal officials in Tucson unsealed two indictments against Aureliano Guzmán-Loera — the brother of the notorious drug kingpin known as El Chapo — charging him and other high-ranking members of the Sinaloa Cartel with international drug trafficking.... Read more»

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