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Biden resumes spree of nominations to break barriers on the bench

Announcing nine appointments to the federal bench, the White House touted President Joe Biden on Wednesday for continuing a judicial-nominating commitment that recognizes diverse professional and racial backgrounds. ... Read more»

Postal Service ignores federal court order to search for missing ballots

The U.S. Department of Justice told a federal district court judge the Postal Service was too busy and short staffed to comply with a court order to find hundreds of thousands of missing ballots by election day. ... Read more»

Despite dangers to kids, courts stymie regulators over powerful magnet toys

Over the past decade, thousands of children have been treated at emergency rooms after swallowing high-powered magnets, according to Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates. Parents and doctors reported cases of children who were hospitalized with injuries such as perforated intestines and bowels. At least two children in the U.S. have died.... Read more»

Federal judge issues nationwide ban on immigration welfare rule amid pandemic

A federal judge in New York issued a nationwide injunction Wednesday barring enforcement of a Trump administration rule that prevents immigrants from qualifying for green cards or other visas if they are likely to become dependent on government benefits.... Read more»1

Immigration courts telling employees to come to work - Ignoring health risks & shelter-in-place orders

Reduced immigration operations came after weeks of employees raising concerns privately and, they say, receiving few and unhelpful answers. ... Read more»