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Redistricting, vacancies boost fundraising in Arizona House races

Arizona congressional challengers have been emboldened by an open seat, an unpopular president and a newly drawn district map – and they have the money to show for it, setting up what "could potentially be a very anti-incumbent election year."... Read more»

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Arizona Senate race nets $61.5 million; Kelly one of top U.S. fundraisers

Arizona Senate hopefuls had raised more than $61.5 million by March 31, led by Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., whose almost $39 million in campaign contributions was the second-highest in the nation among Senate candidates this cycle. ... Read more»

The FEC wants to know why Ron Watkins failed to disclose 40% of his Arizona campaign’s money

Conspiracy theorist Ron Watkins, the man purported to be Q has run afoul of the Federal Elections Commission for failing to correctly report how much he raised and spent during his first quarter as a congressional candidate in a rural Arizona district. ... Read more»

Reported spending not indicative of Dem campaign against Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem — yet

On paper, the Democratic advocacy group MoveOn has spent more than $1.4 million against Republican Mark Finchem in his campaign to become Arizona’s next secretary of state. In reality, that number only reflects a technicality of campaign finance reporting, not actual campaigning.... Read more»

In challenge to legal precedent, Arizona Republicans move to add ID check in federal elections

An Arizona House committee voted Wednesday to advance an election reform bill that would request a change to the federal elections voting form with an ID verification requirement - despite a previous court ruling that such a change violates federal law.... Read more»

Arizona Rep. Schweikert agrees to $125,000 fine from FEC for campaign violations

Rep. David Schweikert, R-Fountain Hills, has agreed to pay $125,000 to the Federal Election Commission for misuse of campaign funds, including charges that funds went to personal use of campaign staffers. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Chan: Political campaigns underway in Az; Ways to vet donation requests & follow your money

If you've got email, chances are you've been asked to "chip in" to support candidates from school board to senator. And while consumers have some protections from fraud, a decade of legislative and judicial decisions have turned the campaign cash grab into the wild West. ... Read more»

Pharma campaign cash delivered to key lawmakers with surgical precision

The Biden administration and Congress are embroiled in haggling over what priorities will make it into the spending bill, but for the pharmaceutical industry there is one agenda: Heading off Medicare drug price negotiation, which it considers an threat to its business model.... Read more»

U.S. Senate Republicans again block debate on voting rights legislation

U.S. Senate Republicans blocked the advance of voting rights legislation Wednesday for the second time this year — thwarting again Democrats’ attempts to pass federal protections for voters amid a slew of new state elections laws. ... Read more»

Kirsten Engel resigns from Az Legislature to run full-time for Congress

State Sen. Kirsten Engel is stepping down from her legislative seat to run full-time in the CD 2 Democratic primary, which will help determine who takes the place of U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick as she retires next year.... Read more»1

Incumbents have the edge, but redistricting scrambles Arizona House race outlooks

Arizona’s congressional incumbents have the advantage of name recognition and massive fundraising leads – but analysts say they might need both as congressional redistricting has “put us all in a state of limbo” for the 2022 House races. ... Read more»

With Arizona Senate seat again up for grabs, 2022 already a multimillion-dollar race

Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly has a huge fundraising lead over potential challengers to his 2022 re-election bid, but analysts say that’s still no guarantee in a campaign where both parties are fighting to take control of an evenly divided Senate. ... Read more»

FactCheck: Republican spin on Democrats' voting bill

In the days leading up to the Senate vote on the House-passed elections bill, Republicans offered several misleading talking points about the Democratic bill, and made other statements that required more context.... Read more»

High-stakes 2020 races shatter Arizona campaign spending records

Arizonans were heavily invested in this fall’s elections, donating more than $110 million to support candidates and high-profile ballot initiatives. That's up from $60 million four years ago.... Read more»

Politicians quit Congress, but their 'zombie' campaigns stagger on with millions in the bank

About two dozen former House candidates in Arizona, Michigan, Florida, Virginia and around the country — including Ed Pastor who died in 2018 — received recent letters from the Federal Election Commission basically asking them: What does this campaign committee even do anymore.... Read more»


Yearbook photo of man in 'Hitler' Halloween costume isn't Mark Kelly

Drawing on a report from a conservative news site, several social media posts claim — without evidence —that Senate candidate Mark Kelly was photographed in an Adolf Hitler costume at a 1985 Halloween party at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy.... Read more»

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