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More Americans can use food stamps for restaurants, prepared meals

In the past two years, six states, Including Arizona, have opted in to the little-used federal Restaurant Meals Program that allows older adults, people with disabilities and people experiencing homelessness to use their food benefits on select, low-cost restaurant meals.... Read more»

Immigrants quickly learn how to gain weight

After moving to the United States, immigrants begin to pack on more and more unhealthy weight as they become accustomed to the American way of living — and eating.... Read more»

Fish on Friday

Waters murky for fast-food fish

Navigating the waters of sustainable seafood seems daunting at first glance: Exactly which species lurks beneath the breading and between those sesame-seeded buns? How was it caught? Where did it come from? There's an app for that.... Read more»

Taco Bell storms vegetarian India

Bangalore is the site of the country's first Taco Bell. Indians haven't shown this much enthusiasm for American fast food since McDonald’s came to New Delhi and Mumbai more than a decade ago.... Read more»