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Facebook finally agrees to eliminate tool that enabled discriminatory advertising

Six years after ProPublica revealed that Facebook allowed advertisers to exclude Black users and others, the company agreed to a settlement with the Justice Department to overhaul its ad algorithm system.... Read more»

Tucson Black lesbian couple receives $15k over public housing discrimination claim

The city of Tucson paid $15,000 to settle a discrimination claim lodged by a Black lesbian couple who were living in one of the city's public housing units and alleged they were harassed by a neighbor. The couple said the city didn't do enough to resolve the matter; officials deny they discriminated against them despite the settlement.... Read more»

Homebuyer 'love letters' risk fair housing violations, but some feel risk is worth it

To stand out among bidders, many potential home buyers are turning to a tactic that’s become increasingly common in the homebuying process: the love letter – however, these letters could open real estate professionals and their clients to fair housing violations.... Read more»

Facebook (still) letting housing ads exclude users by race

After ProPublica revealed last year that Facebook advertisers could target housing ads to whites only, the company announced it had built a system to spot and reject discriminatory ads. We retested and found major omissions.... Read more»

Court restores claim that Yuma rejected housing plan for racial reasons

A federal appeals court Friday reinstated a developer’s lawsuit that charged Yuma city officials with rejecting a housing plan because white neighbors feared it would attract Hispanic residents.... Read more»


Housing barriers remain for people with disabilities

Discrimination towards people with disabilities in housing has been illegal since 1988 when disability was added as a protected group to the Fair Housing Act. In spite of this protection, a number of reports reveal that discrimination against people with disabilities persists.... Read more»

Justice Dep't sues Az polygamist town for discrimination

On Thursday, the Justice Department sued two polygamous towns, Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz., along the Utah-Arizona border, claiming they discriminated against non-sect members... Read more»

Group claims racial bias in handling of foreclosed homes

Banks are neglecting foreclosed homes in minority neighborhoods compared to those in white communities, according to a housing advocacy group.... Read more»1