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$23M awarded to TIA for runway safety work

A $23 million federal grant will help Tucson International Airport with major renovations, with the runway safety project receiving the largest amount from the first round of a $3.2 billion national program.... Read more»

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Federal judge in Florida throws out national mask mandate for travelers

A federal judge in Florida voided the nationwide mask mandate for airline and public transportation passengers Monday, saying the requirement was beyond the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's authority.... Read more»

Record number of 'dangerous' laser strikes reported by pilots in 2021

More pilots then ever before reported being hit by high-powered lasers in 2021, potentially incapacitating them, according to new FAA data. Arizona ranked in the top five states for the largest number of "dangerous laser strikes."... Read more»

$30M federal grant for new TIA runway, safety projects

A new runway at Tucson International Airport will be partly paid for with $31 million from the recent federal infrastructure package, along with other safety improvement.... Read more»

1 dead, 1 injured in plane crash at Tucson's Ryan Field

One person was killed and another critically injured when a small plane crashed at Ryan Airfield on Tucson's far West Side on Tuesday morning.... Read more»

Astronaut cosplay: The earthly impacts of space tourism on the border

The recent trend by billionaires - like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson - blasting into space have meaningful economic, environmental and cultural impacts on the borderland communities where the spaceports hoping to cater to commercial space travel are located.... Read more»

$18.5M federal grant to fund Tucson airport runway work, safety improvements

An $18.5 million federal grant will go towards the next phase in a longterm Tucson International Airport project to expand and upgrade parts of its airfield so that it meets current federal safety standards, officials announced Thursday. ... Read more»

What we know about police drones in Arizona and how they’re used

The Tempe Police Department recently released video from its DJI Phantom Pro 4 drone that it used to surveil protesters over the weekend, but the agency isn’t the only law enforcement in the state with the technology.... Read more»

Small plane makes emergency landing on Redington Rd.

A light plane made an emergency landing on Tucson's Far East Side on Thursday. No injuries were reported, authorities said. The single-engine plane was off the roadway on a flat stretch just before Redington Road climbs toward the Tanque Verde Falls area.... Read more»

TSA whistleblower again girds for battle over aviation safety

A twice-fired whistleblower says the next 9/11 could be stopped for $12,000 per jet but the airlines say the costs are much higher.... Read more»

Senate approves Arizonan Barrett as fourth female Air Force secretary

The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to confirm Arizona businesswoman Barbara Barrett as the next Air Force secretary.... Read more»

Air Force nominee Barrett gets gentle treatment at confirmation hearing

In an otherwise amicable confirmation hearing, some senators pressed Barrett on her response to the Trump administration’s plan to divert $3.6 billion from military projects toward a border wall.... Read more»

Tucson latest Az airport to roll out new TSA screening policy

Tucson International last week became the latest airport in Arizona to roll out enhanced security measures that will require travelers to put any electronic device larger than a cell phone into a separate bin.... Read more»

Can America’s air safety watchdogs police aviation fraud?

A government audit of the FAA—the agency responsible for ensuring airline safety—said it had consistently failed to alert federal law enforcement authorities about cont parts installed in U.S. airplanes.... Read more»

FAA ordered to toss out Sky Harbor flight paths that raised noise levels

A federal appeals court Tuesday ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to throw out a controversial flight path plan for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport that sparked tens of thousands of noise complaints from neighbors.... Read more»

Firefighters add drone incursions to threats faced in a wildfire

Firefighters battling the Goodwin Fire in central Arizona had to suspend operations twice in one week after drones flew into airspace over the blaze.... Read more»

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