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45% of Americans don’t believe humans cause climate change, poll shows

Nearly half of Americans still don’t think climate change is caused by human activities, but Democrats were far less likely than Republicans to hold those views, a new VICE News and Guardian poll has found. ... Read more»

Exxon helped cause the climate crisis — it’s time they owned up

There’s no better time for ExxonMobil and other petroleum giants - who bear as much responsibility as governments do for humanity’s climate predicament, and for finding a way out - to be held accountable than at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in November. ... Read more»

How a powerful U.S. lobby group helps big oil to block climate action

The American Petroleum Institute receives millions from oil companies – and works behinds the scenes in what politicians describe as the trade group’s defining role in setting major obstacles to new climate policies and legislation.... Read more»