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Fraud, perjury allegations probed against Pima Constable Deborah Martinez

Pima County officials are looking into claims that Constable Deborah Martinez forged signatures on her election nominating petitions and lied about where she was living, saying "there is a reason to believe felony offenses may have occurred."... Read more»

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$41 million in rent help to be distributed by Pima County through Sept.

Pima County and the city of Tucson expect to hand out $41 million in rental assistance by September, even as Tucson plans to bow out of the program this summer as its funding runs out.... Read more»

New Pima County constable replacing 'rebel eviction enforcer' calls for unity among colleagues

The new Pima County constable for Precinct 8 in Midtown, where "rebel eviction enforcer" Kristen Randall served until resigning in January, is calling on her coworkers to work together to help constables "do right by the people."... Read more»

Increasingly scarce affordable housing is making renters ask: Where do we go?

In January 2022, median rents in the U.S. reached their highest level yet as the United States is facing an expanding gap between how much workers earn and how much they have to pay for housing. ... Read more»

PimaRecovers.com site tracks county's COVID relief spending

Pima County has launched a website to publish how federal COVID relief has been spent during the pandemic. PimaRecovers.com details the use of more than $300 million, including for eviction relief. ... Read more»

As assistance for renters still lags, fears of eviction rise in Arizona

The number of Arizonans fearing eviction has grown sharply since a pandemic moratorium on evictions ended in September, with advocates and landlords both saying rental assistance from the federal government has not reached renters fast enough. ... Read more»

Pima County Attorney pivots on eviction advice to constables

Constables serving court orders on the owners of mobile homes should not forcibly enter to carry out an eviction, Pima County Attorney Laura Conover said, walking back advice about a shift in longstanding procedures provided last month. ... Read more»

Constables have 'responsibility' to forcibly evict tenants from mobile homes, Pima County Attorney says

The Pima County Attorney's Office told constables they have a legal "responsibility" to remove tenants from mobile homes they own when evicted from rented lots, upending a long-standing policy recognized across the state. ... Read more»2

'Rebel' Pima Constable Randall resigns, citing 'great divide' between vision for post & 'archaic' practices

Pima County Constable Kristen Randall, known for her efforts to help people being evicted during the COVID pandemic and dubbed the "rebel eviction-enforcer," announced Monday that she's resigning.... Read more»1

Pima supervisors OK continued free legal help for tenants facing eviction

Low-income Pima County residents facing eviction will continue to have free legal help next year after the Board of Supervisors voted 4-1 to spend $425,000 on the Emergency Eviction Legal Services program.... Read more»

HUD got $9 billion to combat COVID-19 impacts. Only a quarter has been spent.

Tucked in the pandemic relief act in 2020 was about $9 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development to divvy up between cities and states for housing-related coronavirus fallout - but 20 months later, cities and states have only spent about a quarter of the funds.... Read more»

States, cities face deadline for proving how quickly they’ve helped renters in crisis

States, cities and counties that excelled at distributing federal aid to renters struggling during the pandemic may soon be rewarded with yet more cash, and the new funding would be drawn from sluggish states and localities that didn’t move swiftly to help people facing eviction.... Read more»

Pima County taps former F-16 pilot Lake-Wright as new constable

Pima County has appointed William Lake-Wright, a former F-16 pilot and paramedic, to serve as the constable for the eastern part of the county, filling a seat left vacant. Some county leaders want to reform or even eliminate the elected Constables Office.... Read more»

The 420,000 homeless kids who went missing from schools’ rolls last year may never be found

A national survey last fall estimated approximately 420,000 students experiencing homelessness went missing from school districts’ rolls during the pandemic, and homeless advocates worry some of these children may never enroll in school again.... Read more»

Congress might allow frustrated landlords to seek rent relief

A measure moving through the U.S. House of Representatives would allow landlords to apply without tenant approval for federal aid to cover back rent they are owed - more than 6 million households owed some $16.8 billion in rent debt, according to census data from early August.... Read more»

More money coming for housing as crises mount

Both the House and Senate passed bills to increase spending. Then the Supreme Court overturned the eviction ban, amping up the pressure to act. ... Read more»

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