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$22 million added to Tucson, Pima County rental assistance program

$22 million in federal rental assistance has made its way to Pima County and Tucson after sitting undistributed in state coffers. The county and city have already delivered more than $56 million to help tenants pay rent and utility bills during the pandemic.... Read more»

Where to get help if you are facing eviction due to the pandemic

Pima County and Tucson city officials have created programs funded by the federal government to help renters and landlords, and there are state programs to mitigate homelessness. The agencies also offer programs to seek employment. ... Read more»

14% of U.S. tenants fell behind on payments during the pandemic

The nationwide total rent debt is estimated to be upwards of $20 billion - with more than 5.8 million renters, or 14%, in arrears - twice as many as in 2017, and dozens of consumer rights organizations are urging the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to protect the credit records of tenants facing economic hardship because of the pandemic. ... Read more»

'Historic wave of evictions' expected when moratorium expires

The federal ban on evictions amid COVID-19 has been extended multiple times and may be about to enter its final month, and the country is facing what could be the worst housing crisis in decades. ... Read more»

Candidate commentary

Portela: Collective queasiness about the eviction cliff

Before the global health pandemic, there was an eviction crisis; the only difference is we now have money from the state and federal government to help our community. — Andres Portela, Ward 6 Tucson City Council candidate... Read more»