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Here’s what you need to know about Russia, Ukraine and your oil and gas

As Russia began its invasion of Ukraine last week, one of the first barometers of what the fallout might mean economically for the rest of the world was registered by the oil market as the price of brent crude oil jumped to $105/barrel for a while, its first appearance over $100 since 2014.... Read more»

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Bombs hit Ukrainian cities as Russian economy sinks

The shelling of Ukrainian cities intensified on Monday as Ukraine and Russia exchanged accusations about war crimes and blamed each other for starting a war that has brought the world to the brink of a global catastrophe. ... Read more»

A new Cold War emerging as Russia launches full-scale invasion of Ukraine

The Russian invasion places Ukraine at the center of a struggle reminiscent of the Cold War when Germany and its capital city Berlin were split in two, dividing Western democracy and Russian communism - this time the ideological battle lines will be between democracies and autocracies.... Read more»

4 reasons you should care about the EU elections

As voters select a new European Parliament this week, here's why it matters.... Read more»

The scary return of a radical, far-right Europe and what it means

Sunday’s elections to the European Parliament may be a big yawn for most voters, but they’re set to provide a dramatic boost to far-right parties across the continent.... Read more»


Ukraine: What the hell just happened?

The images have been burned into the world’s consciousness: a huge square filled with protesters; black smoke billowing over a beautiful and historical city. Bodies are rushed by on stretchers, angry voices are raised. A man with his feet on fire dances madly around before someone shoves him to the ground to smother the flames. Whatever else the recent events in Ukraine may ultimately bring in their wake, they certainly were telegenic.... Read more»

6 things to know about Scotland’s independence plan

Scottish leader Alex Salmond on Tuesday unveiled what he called a “mission statement” for the country’s future: a 649-page paper detailing many of the terms for an independent Scotland.... Read more»

EU lifts arms embargo on Syrian rebels, extends sanctions on Assad's regime

The European Union decided to let an arms embargo against the Syrian rebels expire, while the White House reportedly asked the Pentagon to draw up plans for a no-fly zone in Syria.... Read more»


G20 in Los Cabos: A study of ineptitude

The world is going to hell, from the economy to the environment. But don't worry, the leaders are on it. ... Read more»


Obama and the economy: 3 things to watch

Economics is an up and down game. So, too, is politics. But as President Barack Obama has been reminded in recent weeks, the two are inextricably linked. And right now for the White House, the direction on both is decidedly down. ... Read more»

International Women's Day

10 women you should know

On International Women's Day, 10 larger-than-life women are celebrated.... Read more»


Austerity in Greece

Tens of thousands of Greeks took to the streets in sometimes violent protest against the passage of an austerity bill that will earn the country a bailout from the EU.... Read more»

Syria: EU sanctions amount to declaration of war

A defiant Syria says European Union sanctions against it amount to war and is warning that it will not tolerate any foreign interference in its internal affairs.... Read more»


Europe sits out situation in Syria

Countries have many reasons for avoiding involvement in Syria, chief among them their militaries are stretched thin in other conflicts.... Read more»

European Union bailouts, immigration pit country against country

Anti-EU political parties gain momentum with the announcement that taxpayers' money will be used to aid Portugal.... Read more»


As security costs soar, it's time to share the load

Recent events bring to light the ability, and need, for countries to work together for a stable global atmosphere.... Read more»

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