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A sign supporting Ukrainian refugees in London. So far, European politicians have not called the wave of Ukrainian refugees a crisis.

More than 6.3 million Ukrainians have fled their country since Russia first invaded in late February 2022 - refugees that are political pawns of Russian President Vladimir Putin, intended to politically destabilize the European Union and NATO. Read more»

Senior Airman Joseph Bittle loads ammunition, weapons and other equipment at Dover Air Force Base on Jan. 27, part of the $5.4 billion in assistance the U.S. has committed to Ukraine.

To help understand the background of Russian President Vladimir Putin's claim that all of Ukraine belongs to Russia, here are five stories about the centuries-long bad blood between Ukraine and Russia, manifested in everything from religion to political ideology. Read more»

The FDA has said it 'engaged with more than 100 test developers' about making diagnostics. The agency declined to provide the names, citing confidentiality concerns.

Why at-home COVID tests still so pricey and hard to find in the United States, but not for people in Britain, who get free tests delivered to their homes on demand, or France, Germany or Belgium, where at-home tests are ubiquitous and as cheap as a decent cappuccino. Read more»

Scientists believe this new strain is 2.5 times more contagious than the first strain that emerged in China in 2019.

The head of the World Health Organization on Friday warned the highly contagious Delta strain of the coronavirus - which first emerged in India last October and has since been found in Arizona - poses a serious risk, prompting new travel restrictions and raising alarms around the world. Read more»

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern can teach Gov. Doug Ducey and Donald Trump how to rocket to a big lead in a campaign.

Gov. Ducey, you are the CEO of the coronavirus capital of the world, if we go by cases per capita. That's not a place you want to be, no matter how much the White House orders you to "stay." If you want to save your legacy and hundreds of Arizona lives, then put a New Zealand-style hurt on the virus. Read more» 1

In this file photo from March, international travelers wait to pass through customs at Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

The American accent will be missing among the flocks of travelers this summer in Europe. EU leaders said travelers from the United States will be barred from entering the EU until the U.S. manages to contain its coronavirus outbreak. Read more»

President Donald Trump after disembarking from Air Force One on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019 at Joint Base Andrews, Md., after attending a United Nations summit in New York.

President Donald Trump wrongly said that “Europe and other nations” were “not” contributing to Ukraine, specifically calling for Germany and France to “put up money.” In fact, the European Union and European financial institutions have contributed more than $16.4 billion in grants and loans to Ukraine since 2014. Read more»

Trump's tariff threat on Mexico is over, for now — but how long will the reprieve last?

Here's the deal: the last thing Donald Trump wants is to solve problems. Solved problems don't scare people. Vanquished foes are no longer useful foes. The president needs enemies and bogeymen, so he can play the tough guy in his scripted performance. Read more»

Volunteers in Frankfurt, Germany, welcome a 'train of hope' carrying Syrian refugees, Sept. 5.

Contrast the welcoming spirit of Europeans recently with our reception of desperate Central American children last summer on our southern border. Or the endlessly manipulative talk of the need for "the fence" among rich, white political candidates to keep our Mexican compadres out. Surely we are a better people than this. Read more» 4

This photo released Wednesday by the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, the UNRWA, shows thousands of men, women and children trapped in the Yarmouk refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus besieging aid workers as they distribute food parcels.

Close to 60 million people have fled their homes because of either conflict or persecution, A report released Thursday by the UN said. Read more»

President Barack Obama called the deal with Iran, a 'historic understanding which, if fully implemented, will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon.' Not all members of Congress were as enthused.

President Barack Obama called it a "historic understanding with Iran, which, if fully implemented, will prevent it from obtaining a nuclear weapon." But Arizona lawmakers saw it as everything from a step to peace to a step down a "disgraceful path" with an enemy. Read more»

The EU is moving away from saving lives, focusing instead on keeping newcomers out. Read more» 1

Since the year 2000 the number of wolf packs in Germany has mushroomed from two to more than 30. Wolves have killed some 350 farm animals across Germany during the past five years. Some farmers claim fear is stopping their sheep from breeding. Read more» 2

Analysis: An overwhelming number of crises means the international community cannot respond well. Read more»

Somali National Army troops are trained by European Union soldiers in Jazeera, Mogadishu.

Training the army that will either stabilize Somalia, or fail it. Read more»

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