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Arizona redistricting commission divided on inviting legislative leaders

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission is split on whether to invite Democratic and Republican leaders from the legislature to address the commission, with a majority of members leaning against it and questioning whether legislators should get a separate opportunity to opine than the rest of the public gets.... Read more»1

Court: Constitutional change needed to allow e-signing of initiative petitions

Arizona voters are allowed to electronically sign petitions to get their favored candidates on the ballot, but the Arizona Supreme Court said Friday that the only way for voters to do the same for proposed ballot measures is to change the state constitution.... Read more»

Glendale candidate claims support of dead voters in attempt to get public campaign funding

In early March, Phoenix-area Democratic legislative candidate Larry Herrera filed 255 signatures to qualify for public campaign funding. Among them was a form signed on Feb. 3, 2018, by Bernadine Barbara Misiak. Except Misiak died in November 2016.... Read more»

Reagan vows to begin maintaining records of voter roll changes

Every day, the thousands of voting jurisdictions in the U.S. share information about current voter registrations to guard against people being registered in multiple places. Up until earlier this year, Arizona's Secretary of State was not keeping copies of those voter registration notifications.... Read more»1

State election chief seeks new funds for hobbled campaign finance website overhaul

Secretary of State Michele Reagan campaigned on making it easier for people to see how money flows into political campaigns. But after spending $494,000 on a new website that never saw the light of day, her office is now asking the Clean Election Commission to pay $200,000 of an estimated $462,000 cost to develop a new website, plus $50,000 per year in maintenance.... Read more»

State Election director denies demanding voters be purged

A top staffer at the Arizona Secretary of State Office denied accusations made by county recorders earlier this week that the office ordered voter registrations to be cancelled without proper documentation.... Read more»

County recorders: Sec State's office not justifying demands to purge voters

Arizona’s 15 county recorders sent a letter to Secretary of State Michele Reagan, saying communication with her office is “in a dire state” because Election Director Eric Spencer has been “ineffective and disrespectful,” and created legal conflicts with demands to remove voters from registration rolls.... Read more»1