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2 Southwest tribes raise concerns over uranium storage

The possibility the Department of Energy will establish a strategic uranium reserve to increase the domestic stockpile of uranium comes at a cost: increased contamination borne by Native American tribes and local residents throughout the Southwest.... Read more»

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University of Arizona’s rainforest in the desert is a testing ground for understanding methane

A University of Arizona project in the Biosphere 2 rainforest designed to determine how much methane is emitted by seasonally flooded areas of the Amazon hopes to be a starting point to better understand methane emissions across the globe.... Read more»

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Let’s put more effort into investigating and prosecuting environmental crimes

To protect communities from environmental harms caused by corporate polluters, lax oversight, and poor enforcement of existing laws, an increased effort needs to be made at uncovering environmental crimes, and holding those responsible accountable.... Read more»

Cleaning up Tucson's South Side water pollution part of Grijalva enviro bill

Local leaders in Southern Arizona came together Wednesday to throw their support behind the Environmental Justice for All Act, a congressional bill that aims to treat pollution in communities of color as a civil rights violation and create local funding for environmental cleanup. ... Read more»

Pima County taking public comment on new rules for Tucson Electric Power station

The Pima County Department of Environmental Quality is opening a 35-day public comment period today on proposed changes to Tucson Electric Power's emissions permit for its South Side generating station.... Read more»

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4 New Year’s resolutions for a healthier environment in 2022

When many people think of New Year’s resolutions, they brainstorm ways to improve themselves for the year ahead - here are four popular New Year’s resolutions with a twist for improving your relationship with nature in 2022 and beyond.... Read more»

The low-and-slow approach to food safety reform keeps going up in smoke

For more than 70 years, consumer advocates, government experts, members of Congress and several presidents have called for a single food safety agency - but the idea has stalled again and again, easy to propose but all but impossible to enact.... Read more»

‘Like a demon that’s always behind us’, Jackpile Mine's toxic legacy continues

Uranium mines over the Navajo Nation and around the West are being left as orphan mines - abandoned mines for which no financially responsible party can be found - so the Superfund remedy is the only remedy that’s been identified for the Navajo sites, as well as Jackpile.... Read more»

Western boom cities see spike in harmful ozone

In the heavily populated mountain valleys of the West, the odorless, colorless gas known as ozone has remained stubbornly difficult to reduce to safe levels.... Read more»

Biden administration moves to curtail 'forever chemicals'

In an effort to better protect Americans – especially those in underserved communities – from toxic compounds called “forever chemicals” for their resistance to dissolution, the Environmental Protection Agency announced a roadmap to new regulations Monday. ... Read more»

Court rejects Trump clean water rule with 'significant' Arizona impact

Environmental groups welcomed a federal judge’s decision this week to overturn Trump-era clean-water regulations that had “fundamental, substantive flaws” and were so narrow that many waterways in Arizona ended up being excluded from federal oversight. ... Read more»

Biden administration to reverse Trump-era coal wastewater rule

In a reversal of a Trump-era policy, the Environmental Protection Agency plans to enforce tougher regulations for the disposal of wastewater from coal-fired power plants, but it could take years before the new rule goes into effect. ... Read more»

What’s in wildfire smoke? A toxicologist explains the health risks

In parts of the West, wildfire smoke now makes up nearly half the air pollution measured annually, and while we know that breathing smoke can be harmful, less clear is what the worsening wildfire landscape will mean for public health in the future, but research is raising red flags.... Read more»

Waste not? Some states are sending less food to landfills

At least eight states, all in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic except California, have laws requiring some reprocessing of food waste, to keep it out of landfills and cut down on greenhouse gases, and this year, state lawmakers have introduced at least 52 bills in 18 states involving food waste management.... Read more»

City's hike of some Tucson Water rates raises tensions with Pima County

Pima County officials said they may sue after the Tucson City Council voted to raise rates on users outside municipal limits. Friction over water has led to a renewal of a war of words, as politicians air long-standing grievances, including claims that stances are "greedy" and "borderline criminal."... Read more»2

Ozono alcanza niveles dañinos en Tucson con el calor y los incendios contribuyendo a la neblina

La contaminación del air llegó a niveles dañinos en el area metropolitana de Tucson lunes y el Departamento de Calidad Ambiental del Condado Pima recomienda que la gente se quede adentro. ... Read more»

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