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Biden ends 2 Trump programs designed to limit asylum-seekers

President Biden has ended a pair of Trump-era programs that forced asylum-seekers to remain in custody while awaiting a hearing. Advocates had pushed to halt the PACR and HARP programs, calling them among Trump's "most horrific attacks on America’s long tradition of asylum." ... Read more»

Backlog of deportation cases more than doubled under Trump, tops 1.2 million

After four years of the Trump administration, the number of pending deportation cases in the nation's immigration courts has more than doubled, to more than 1.2 million, and the average wait time for a hearing is now 4.5 years. ... Read more»

Immigration judges sue over Trump admin ban on their public speech, writing

The union representing U.S. immigration judges sued Wednesday, challenging a policy imposed by the Trump administration that blocks them from speaking or writing publicly about any topic. ... Read more»

Judges call for all immigration courts to close in wake of coronavirus

Nearly a month into a seemingly worldwide shutdown, it may be hard to find an everyday business or public area that has not been closed because of COVID-19. Many companies have allowed their employees to work from home, but businesses deemed essential are still in operation. This includes grocery stores, fuel stations, banks, transportation systems, pharmacies – and most U.S. immigration courts.... Read more»

Activist faces deportation after asylum claim rejected by Tucson judge

A federal immigration judge ordered the deportation of well-known immigration and reproductive rights activist Alejandra Pablos after rejecting her asylum claim during a Tuesday hearing in Tucson. ... Read more»