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Jaguars could return to the U.S. Southwest – but only if they have pathways to move north

Jaguars are the only species of big cat found on the American continent, and though local populations across the continent are decreasing at alarming rates, some experts think it’s possible jaguars could return to the Southwest U.S.... Read more»

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Los bancos de semillas construyen biodiversidad frente al cambio climático

Dado que el clima cambiante provoca climáticas extremas, como los frecuentes incendios forestales de California y la sequía implacable de Arizona, las especies que han estado en la lista de extinción tienen una segunda oportunidad a través de los bancos de semillas.... Read more»

Extinction is forever: Seed banks build biodiversity in the face of climate change

With a changing climate causing extreme weather conditions – such as California’s frequent wildfires and Arizona’s unrelenting drought – certain species that have been on the extinction list are being given a second chance through seed banks. ... Read more»

Mystery of the monarchs: Western butterfly populations stage remarkable comeback

Scientists at Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove were alarmed last year when fewer than 200 monarch butterflies were counted, he fewest since annual tracking of the pollinators began in 1997 - but this last counting season, an estimated 22,000 monarchs were tallied at the grove. ... Read more»

Biden’s latest border moves spur criticism that he’s continuing wall construction

Two recently announced border wall projects amidst what the federal governments says are repairs to old earthen levees have deepened concerns that President Biden has abandoned his promise that “there will not be another foot of [border] wall constructed” during his administration. ... Read more»

Judge restores Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves

The U.S. government must restore Endangered Species Act protections for thousands of gray wolves in most of the lower 48 states because it failed to fully consider threats to the carnivorous mammal’s population, a federal judge ruled Thursday. ... Read more»

Feds – again – deny endangered species status to Sonoran desert tortoise

The Sonoran desert tortoise has been denied endangered species status by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for a second time after a 14-year battle waged by advocates to protect the “ancient, iconic species of the desert.” ... Read more»

Joshua tree is first plant to get California protections because of climate change

The Joshua tree is an iconic symbol of the Southwest - and now, the Western Joshua tree is the first plant given protections under the California Endangered Species Act because of the effects of climate change. ... Read more»

Public can comment on proposed changes to management plan for Mexican wolves

A 90-day public comment process has begun on a proposal to allow more endangered Mexican wolves to be released into the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico, where, federal officials say, the animals are thriving. ... Read more»

Water for wildlife: Arizona Game & Fish rehabilitating old catchment systems

About 3,000 catchments - systems to collect and store rainwater for wildlife to access - have been built in Arizona over 75 years, and and many need to be repaired or replaced as below average rainfall the past 20 years has created greater needs for water conservation.... Read more»

The feds call it a levee; Texas immigration advocates & enviros see a border wall

Border wall opponents say President Biden broke his promise to halt construction when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security started building a wall with 15-foot concrete panels topped with 6-foot steel bollards and calling it a levee to protect residents from potential flooding.... Read more»

Don’t hike so close to me: How humans can disturb wildlife up to half a mile away

Millions of Americans are traveling this summer as pandemic restrictions wind down, and a recent review of hundreds of studies covering many species found that the presence of humans can alter wild animal and bird behavior patterns at much greater distances than most people may think.... Read more»

Lucky sucker: Endangered Colorado River fish’s status improving; critics not so sure

Federal officials said the endangered razorback sucker has made enough of a comeback for the Colorado River fish’s status to be upgraded from endangered to threatened, but critics call the proposal to “downlist” the fish premature, saying that current populations are not self-sustaining.... Read more»

Chiricahua leopard frogs face habitat challenges as Phoenix Zoo works to save them

In the sky islands of southeastern Arizona, the Chiricahua leopard frog persists – a lofty feat only made possible by a team more than 200 miles away. ... Read more»

Border wall foes hail order halting project, say it’s only first step

President Joe Biden made good on a campaign promise within hours of his swearing-in this week, ordering a pause in construction of the border wall and a plan for how to redirect wall funding. Opponents of the wall hailed the move but say more action is needed.... Read more»

Fight is on to save critically endangered red squirrel in Arizona

Forest fires and development have nearly decimated the Mt. Graham red squirrel, with only about 100 left in their “bottleneck habitat.”... Read more»

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