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To save rare wildlfower, feds agree to protect Southern Arizona wetlands

A rare wildflower will be protected in 13 acres of Southern Arizona wetlands where it can still be found, after federal officials agreed to try to save it under the Endangered Species Act. The areas include La Cebadilla, just east of Tucson, where the Arizona eryngo survives in the permanently wet habitat.... Read more»

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More states want power to approve wetlands development

Critics fear that Florida’s move to assume authority over wetland management could open the floodgates for more states to claim Section 404 authority - but the hurdles that have mostly stymied such efforts for decades remain significant. ... Read more»

Enviros blast cattle grazing at critical habitat in Arizona's Agua Fria Monument

Environmental groups sued the Bureau of Land Management on Wednesday for failing to monitor cattle grazing in Arizona’s Agua Fria National Monument, putting endangered fish and birds as well as critical habitat at risk. ... Read more»

Pygmy owl may get new protections, 15 years after feds removed desert bird from endangered list

More than 15 years after developers successfully sued to lift federal protections for the cactus ferruginous pygmy owl, which lives in the Tucson area, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has moved to again preserve the diminutive desert owl. ... Read more»

Judge finds poaching remedies vague in Mexican gray wolf recovery plan

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will have six months to come up with specific actions to address poaching of endangered Mexican gray wolves — actions that should have been included in a recovery plan published in 2017, a federal judge ruled Friday.... Read more»

Southern Arizona Sky island succulent listed as 'threatened' under Endangered Species Act

Bartram’s stonecrop - a bright, sea-green succulent found in the Santa Rita Mountains in southern Arizona and northern Mexico - grows in an uncommon habitat where temperatures are lower than the surrounding desert floor, making this succulent extremely rare, and under pressure. ... Read more»

Biden administration to give fresh look into federal protections for gray wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Wednesday that it would be renewing their evaluation on the potential need for federal protections for wolves following a push from environmental groups to restore safeguards for the predators. ... Read more»

What the Devil Won't Tell You

Rosemont Mine marches through slings and arrows just when Tucson's aquifer can afford it least

I'm sympathetic to keeping mines in the U.S. where we can see them, but less on board with punching half-mile deep holes in aquifers as Tucson's water future looks brackish.... Read more»1

New 'endangered' finding for native plant could hamper Rosemont Mine

A "striking" succulent is one of several rare species that may yet derail the Rosemont copper mine after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said the plant should receive protection under the Endangered Species Act. ... Read more»

Despite steep decline, monarch butterflies aren’t as endangered as other species, agency says

The number of western monarch butterflies is declining alarmingly, which prompted a push to add the butterfly to the endangered species list in 2014. But after four years of review, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has concluded that although the monarch butterfly warrants protection, dozens of other species face more urgent situations and have a higher priority. ... Read more»

Enough habitat exists to support return of Mexican wolves in Southwest, study says

In a peer-reviewed study published Jan. 21, researchers from several universities in Mexico, the University of Arizona and wildlife officials found that a suitable habitat exists in the southwestern U.S. and the Occidental and Oriental ranges of the Sierra Madre in northern Mexico where Mexican wolves can be restored to their “historical ecological role” in the wild.... Read more»

Western Monarch butterflies take an astonishing step closer to extinction

An astonishingly few butterflies were found during an impromptu census tests insect populations' resiliency. Or are they butterflies really fish?... Read more»

Butterfly sanctuary gets second chance to challenge border wall

A divided D.C. Circuit panel ruled Tuesday that border wall construction in South Texas interferes with the rights of butterfly conservation advocates, reinstating a challenge to a stretch of wall along the Rio Grande.... Read more»

Environmental groups claim U.S. Army base threatening river

A U.S. Army base nestled at the foot of a southern Arizona mountain range is threatening a sensitive desert waterway sometimes called America’s most endangered river, two environmental groups said in a federal lawsuit Friday. ... Read more»

Endangered species throw roadblock in path of Rosemont Copper mine

A federal judge has overturned environmental permits for the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine, saying the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service failed to consider the mine’s impact on several endangered species in the Santa Rita Mountains. ... Read more»

House panel OKs bill to undo Trump changes to Endangered Species Act

A House committee gave preliminary approval Wednesday to a bill that would reverse Trump administration changes to the Endangered Species Act, after a heated debate between members over which side had the best interest of the act at heart.... Read more»

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