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Dearth of competition has taken toll on worker wages

Undercutting the pandemic-era belief that staff shortages from the Great Resignation have put employers over a barrel, data instead paints a shadow of wage depression says workers have lost an average of 15% to 25% of the wages they would make in a competitive-rich market.... Read more»

Seeking to shift costs to Medicare, more employers move retirees to Advantage plans

Over the past decade, an increasing number of employers have used the government’s Medicare Advantage program as an alternative to their existing retiree health plan and traditional Medicare coverage - yet details of these plans — and the costs to taxpayers — are largely hidden.... Read more»

FactCheck: Exploring the legality of COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Generally, employers, colleges and universities may require immunizations, but there is some uncertainty about the legality of mandating vaccines authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Our two-tiered citizenship – that’s you on the bottom

The short suspension of MSNBC on-air personality Keith Olberman is over. He was suspended for making candidate donations without the permission of his MSNBC boss, Phil Griffin. The public reaction was nuclear, and the walk back was lickety-split. But during his victory lap Olberman made one important mistake – he called NBC’s donation rule “probably not legal.”... Read more»