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Biden administration insists border is closed amid removal of Haitian migrants

As the Biden administration scrambles to repatriate more than 10,000 Haitians who gathered in a Texas border town last week to ask for asylum, immigration officials speaking in the town repeated one message: “Our borders are not open. And people should not make the journey.” ... Read more»

Judge orders Biden admin to halt quickly expelling asylum-seeking families

A federal judge told the Biden administration halt using Title 42, allowing a class-action lawsuit to proceed over Customs and Border Protection quickly expelling some migrants if they have traveled through a country with COVID-19 cases. ... Read more»

Postal Service ignores federal court order to search for missing ballots

The U.S. Department of Justice told a federal district court judge the Postal Service was too busy and short staffed to comply with a court order to find hundreds of thousands of missing ballots by election day. ... Read more»