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Two-thirds of Americans want more carbon-neutral policies — not sure they want to quit fossil fuels

A majority of Americans favor a transition to more carbon-neutral energy sources like solar and wind power, but approximately the same majority believes fossil fuels will remain a part of the energy portfolio for the foreseeable future. ... Read more»

Electric vehicles charge ahead in statehouses

Automakers are planning to put nearly 1 million new electric vehicles on American roads in 2022 as sales in the United States doubled in 2021 compared with 2020, and lawmakers are trying to make sure their states are ready. ... Read more»

Arizona saw 10-fold jump in catalytic converter thefts; 2nd-most in nation

Theft of catalytic converters – the part of a car’s exhaust system that changes toxic gases to less-harmful emissions – is surging across the country and in Arizona, with cases making a a 956.4% increase from last year, second in the nation only to Colorado.... Read more»


There’s no cheap way to deal with the climate crisis

The $3.5 trillion price tag President Joe Biden proposed for his climate-heavy Build Back Better Act might seem enormous - but by zeroing in on that number, public debate has skipped right over the economic ramifications of climate change, which promise to be historically disruptive - and enormously expensive. ... Read more»

Overlanding community seeks path to a more sustainable future

With climate change and the dependency overlanding - a form of off-grid adventure seeking - has on the Earth, community members have been advocating for natural conservation and cultural respect, as well as cleaner alternatives in the automotive industry.... Read more»

Astronaut cosplay: The earthly impacts of space tourism on the border

The recent trend by billionaires - like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson - blasting into space have meaningful economic, environmental and cultural impacts on the borderland communities where the spaceports hoping to cater to commercial space travel are located.... Read more»

Fresh air in Phoenix: ADEQ collecting data on CV-19 impact on emissions

The Phoenix area is famous for its warm spring days and wealth of outdoor activities, but it’s also known for something less flattering: some of the worst air quality in the country. ... Read more»

Az group wants $57M VW settlement to pay for electric school buses

A local grassroots environmental group gathered outside the Arizona state Capitol on Thursday to draw attention to diesel pollution. They want state officials to use the nearly $57 million the state will receive from the national Volkswagen settlement to replace diesel school buses with electric buses.... Read more»

Enviros challenge states to use VW funds to boost electric vehicle use

Environmental advocates are challenging Arizona and states across the Southwest to use funds from a potential Volkswagen lawsuit settlement to invest in electric-vehicle charging stations and to electrify public transit.... Read more»

VW settlement of emissions case could mean millions for Arizona

The state of Arizona could get up to $53 million for clean-air programs as part of a $14.7 billion settlement of a U.S. government lawsuit that charged Volkswagen rigged its “clean diesel” vehicles to cheat on emissions tests.... Read more»

Court upholds EPA-ordered emissions rules for Coronado power plant

A federal appeals court Wednesday said the Environmental Protection Agency acted properly when it rejected Arizona’s pollution-control plan for the Coronado Generating Station and imposed its own strict emission limits instead.... Read more»

FactCheck: Santorum and the EPA’s mercury rule

Rick Santorum misrepresented the EPA’s impact analysis of a new agency rule that would reduce power plant emissions of mercury and other toxins.... Read more»

Official: EPA should recognize Arizona’s ‘unique environment’

Instead of tangling with Arizona over the Clean Air Act, federal regulators should consider Arizona's unique factors, the state's environmental chief says.... Read more»

Road blocks for EU plan to ban cars in city centers

Gasoline-powered cars would be banned from European city centers starting in 2050, under a plan to cut CO2 emissions unveiled by the European Union. But Britain on Tuesday rejected the proposal, saying the EU should not be involved in the transport choices of individual cities.... Read more»