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At urgent care, he got 5 stitches and a big surprise: a plastic surgeon’s bill for $1,040

Under a law Congress passed last year, many surprise medical bills will be banned starting in January, but urgent care clinics were not explicitly addressed in the No Surprises Act - and individuals could still get hit with large bills while trying to stay out of the emergency room. ... Read more»

As Arizona COVID-19 cases rise, so do hospital workers’ equipment worries

Arizona hospitals are rationing and ordering workers to reuse protective equipment like masks, gowns and eyewear in an attempt to head off shortages expected with the surge in COVID-19 patients in the state.... Read more»

Emergency responders getting little guidance in dealing with coronavirus outbreak

Key direction from the CDC on how to protect emergency responders came after the first American case and the exposure of at least one firefighter. It’s yet another example of a fragmented and halting response at the highest levels of government.... Read more»

Dental woes sending more Arizonans to ERs

Between 2006 and 2009 preventable dental-related ER visits rose 61 percent in Arizona, compared to a 16 percent national increase during the same period, a study found.... Read more»1

Hospitals want up-front payment for non-urgent care in ERs

A growing number of hospitals have implemented the pay-first policy in an effort to divert patients with routine illnesses from the ER after they undergo a federally required screening.... Read more»

Hospitals push ERs, pressuring states' Medicaid

Efforts to reduce unnecessary ER visits by patients in Medicaid are proliferating as states search for ways to control the soaring costs of the program. But state officials complain their efforts are hampered by hospitals' aggressive marketing of ERs.... Read more»