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The pandemic decimated the child-care industry and highlighted the vast gulf in America that separates K-12 teachers from many child-care professionals when it comes to pay, job protection, and respect - a disparity rooted in race, class, gender, and nativism. Read more»

When ProPublica compared the richest Americans’ wealth gains to the taxes they paid, we found a system that benefits billionaires. White House economists recently used a similar method to calculate tax rates, revealing stark inequality. Read more»

Students at an unidentified Arizona Indian School in 1945.

Democratic lawmakers are pushing federal agencies to provide support for survivors of and communities affected by American Indian boarding school policies, the decades-long practice of forcibly sending Native American children to faraway boarding schools that rejected their tribal cultures. Read more»

Right to the City Los Angeles held a downtown rally April 18, 2011 calling for higher taxes on corporations and the ultrawealthy.

ProPublica’s investigation released Tuesday revealing that the top 25 wealthiest Americans have paid little, and sometimes nothing, in federal income taxes has resulted in demands to rewrite the tax code and to investigate how the confidential data was released. Read more»

Former Vice President Joe Biden was coasting to an apparent victory in Arizona’s Democratic presidential preference election Tuesday, extending his delegate lead and leaving Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders a very steep climb to their party’s nomination. Read more»

Campaign signs for Democratic presidential hopefuls Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar outside a January debate at Drake University in Iowa. Both have since dropped out, but their names remain on next week’s Arizona primary ballot – along with 10 other Democrats who have dropped out since ballots were printed.

The steady increase in early voting, combined with an unusually high number of Democrats jumping in and out of a crowded presidential primary, has created a situation where many Arizona voters will see their votes counted – but not count toward the final outcome. Read more»

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren racked up more endorsements from Arizona politicians than any Democrat in the presidential primary, but it did her little good in the end, as she suspended her campaign last week.

Arizona lawmakers have been busy offering endorsements to candidates in hopes of having an impact in the state’s presidential primary. Read more»

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders had a strong lead in campaign donations from Arizona donors among the Democratic field of presidential hopefuls, raising $768,054 as of Jan. 31, according to Federal Election Commission reports. (photo credit Gage Skidmore/Flickr) President Trump has raised $1.4 million from donors in Arizona where he faces no primary after the state Republican Party canceled the primary for president this year. (photo credit Reno Del Toro/Cronkite News)

Arizona’s presidential preference primary is still almost a month away, but voters are already making their preferences known with their wallets. Read more»

Signs outside a Democratic debate in Iowa, January 2020.

As Arizona’s Democratic presidential preference election early ballots are mailed to voters this week and other state primaries continue to roll out, Democratic activists are frenetic. Read more»

Trump at the 2020 'State of the Union' speech in the House of Representatives.

I'm betting on the American people. But the odds are terrifying. Too many voters rely on emotional impulse, fixating on narrow issues without considering the big picture. Democrats continue to snipe at one another, fortifying Trump's chances. Read more»

Several candidates twisted the facts on health care, student loan debt, the gender wage gap and more. Read more»

In this extract from her latest book "On Fire: The Burning Case for a Green New Deal," the "No Logo" author looks at why capitalism and politics have got in the way of addressing the climate crisis. Read more»

Sen. Elizabeth Warren criticized President Trump’s current immigration policies, which directly impact Arizona. Expanding legal immigration would strengthen the economy, she said.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren lashed out at the Trump administration’s immigration policies last Thursday night, telling a town hall crowd of 3,500 that “while Donald Trump may be willing to look the other way, President Warren will not.” Read more»

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's proposed wealth tax has economists from top schools feuding over whether it raise what she claims.

In her campaign speeches, Sen. Elizabeth Warren likes to say, “I’ve got a plan for that.” She has lots of plans, but there is one on which many of the others hinge: her plan for an “Ultra-Millionaire Tax,” an annual wealth tax on all assets over $50 million. Read more»

In the four months since President Trump took office, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued four news releases announcing penalties for job safety violations. By the end of May last year, it had issued 199. Read more»

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