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Clean energy & electric vehicles will help Arizonans' pocketbooks & national security

Reliance on fossil fuels is increasingly a threat to national and economic security, and Arizona has shown that embracing the electric vehicle industry can do more than clean the air and save consumers money — It can invigorate an economy. ... Read more»

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New fleet of gas-guzzling mail trucks spurs trio of suits

Three lawsuits filed Thursday in New York and California call it urgent for the government to study the environmental toll that will occur if the U.S. Postal Service rolls out its new fleet of mail-delivery trucks. ... Read more»

Meet the recycling start-up hustling to keep EV batteries out of landfills

Driven by the relative scarcity of both lithium and cobalt as well as the high demand for electric vehicles, Li-Cycle plans to emerge as a player in the EV-battery recycling industry with construction of recycling plants and hubs in Arizona and across the U.S.... Read more»

3 big reasons why the Biden climate agenda is floundering

After noting climate as one of four crises facing the nation during his 2020 campaign, President Joe Biden’s climate agenda has had multiple setbacks for the plan that was once seen as historically ambitious. ... Read more»

Arizona to get millions for electric vehicle charging network

Arizona stands to get up to $76.5 million over the next five years to develop electric vehicle charging stations along interstate corridors, in hopes of increasing EV ownership by reducing range anxiety for drivers. ... Read more»

Electric vehicles charge ahead in statehouses

Automakers are planning to put nearly 1 million new electric vehicles on American roads in 2022 as sales in the United States doubled in 2021 compared with 2020, and lawmakers are trying to make sure their states are ready. ... Read more»

Feds go all-electric to meet Biden’s 2050 carbon neutrality goal

President Joe Biden signed an executive order that would electrify the federal government’s fleet of vehicles, create clean infrastructure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet a carbon neutrality goal of 2050. ... Read more»

House Democrats pass Biden’s $1.85 trillion 'Build Back Better' plan

U.S. House Democrats united around a landmark $1.85 trillion social spending and climate bill on Friday, sending the major plank of President Joe Biden’s economic agenda to the Senate - though major revisions are expected to gain support from Senate Democratic moderates.... Read more»

FactCheck: Lindsey Graham's misleading statement on tax credit for EV's

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham wrongly implied only two cars would be eligible for a Build Back Better electric vehicle tax credit. He was right that part of the proposed incentive is for union jobs only.... Read more»

Arizona Latina moms, environmental advocates fight air pollution with electric school bus

In one west Phoenix neighborhood, several Latina moms came together in a grassroots organization that works to spark environmental change in Latinx communities to help their kids by targeting the air-fouling diesel school buses their children ride each day.... Read more»

U.S. Senate OKs $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure bill

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a sweeping bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, a milestone for one of President Joe Biden’s priorities after months of negotiation led by and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Rob Portman of Ohio.... Read more»

Tax credit for plug-in electric vehicles still available for certain models

Many electric cars and trucks still qualify for a federal tax credit for buyers purchasing plug-in electric vehicles, despite President Biden's misleading claimed that the Trump administration allowed the credit to expire, which, so far, is only the case for models made by Tesla and GM.... Read more»

Biden pushes for more electric vehicles, tighter emission standards

Backed by automakers and in stark contrast to the rollbacks of the last administration, the president is proposing an aggressive agenda with tightened emission standards and a goal of making 50% of all vehicles sold in 2030 electric. ... Read more»

Mining for lithium in Arizona, at a cost to Indigenous religions

Along with sacred places including hot springs, ceremony sites and ancestral burials, the valley about halfway between Phoenix and Las Vegas also holds an enormous lithium deposit, and the push for electric vehicles threatens the Hualapai Tribe’s religious practices. ... Read more»

Az group wants $57M VW settlement to pay for electric school buses

A local grassroots environmental group gathered outside the Arizona state Capitol on Thursday to draw attention to diesel pollution. They want state officials to use the nearly $57 million the state will receive from the national Volkswagen settlement to replace diesel school buses with electric buses.... Read more»

Stanton: Electronic vehicles, sustainability no longer ‘optional nicety’

Committing to preserving the environment, including supporting the use of electric vehicles, is no longer an “optional nicety” for cities, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said Friday.... Read more»

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