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Rate of electric car ownership relatively high in Arizona

Arizona had 28,770 registered electric vehicles as of June, according to the U.S. Department of Energy - the seventh-highest number among states - and when ownership is measured per 1,000 residents, Arizona inches up a notch to sixth place with just over four electric vehicles per 1,000 people.... Read more»

Electric vehicle chargers at Grand Canyon reduce ‘range anxiety' for park visitors

National park officials have added electric vehicle chargers to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, making it easier for people with the electric cars to drive around "treasured landscapes." ... Read more»

Enviros challenge states to use VW funds to boost electric vehicle use

Environmental advocates are challenging Arizona and states across the Southwest to use funds from a potential Volkswagen lawsuit settlement to invest in electric-vehicle charging stations and to electrify public transit.... Read more»

Clean Air-Blue Skies plates becoming the domain of electric cars

When Jim Stack bought his Ford Focus electric plug-in, his passion to keep emissions out of the air was broadcast to the world. He can even drive across the country and not pay a penny in driving costs. Stack is part of an exclusive club for two reasons: having a plug-in electric vehicle and being able to sport a blue-and-white license plate entitling him to use the HOV lane even when it’s just him in the car.... Read more»

Two DOE electric car loans, two different paths

They are two cutting-edge electric car makers, headquartered in California and backed by powerhouses of politics and money. In 2009, each secured half-billion dollar loan commitments from President Obama’s Department of Energy to help transform their clean-energy cars from drawing boards to showrooms.... Read more»

How the stimulus revived the electric car

One success the Obama administration can claim is the rebirth of the electric car industry in the United States. The question: Will it last?... Read more»

Farley: Drivers of electric vehicles should help pay for roads

A Democratic state lawmaker is proposing that owners of electric vehicles pay a penny-per-mile tax for each mile they drive. "One of the only ways we pay for our roadways is through gas tax. We need to find a way of closing that loophole." (with videos)... Read more»